Friday, September 16, 2005

We made it 24 hours!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen...that nudie pic of the Hud-man encouraged me to work on this potty thing a little more (that and the fact that we've basically run out of Pampers here at home....and I don't want to buy ANY more!) So, we've been in big boy undies for 24 hours now! He slept dry through the night, needing to go tee-tee first thing upon waking. We traveled all over creation today (including 2 trips to the museum, taking & picking up David, and picking up the girls, AND getting lunch from Arby's) and he stayed dry in his little Ninja Turtle undies the whole time! We had a near-miss with poopie once we got home this afternoon but it was certainly not a big deal.

I am so proud of my bubby. We're working on 2 days now...our 2nd night of overnight undies. And yes, he's still sleeping in our bed :)


karen said...

WAY TO GO HUD MAN! Proud of you !

Stacy can you send me your Email address? It keeps coming back on me.


Lisa said...

Woo hoo on the big boy undies!!!