Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Happiness Is...

Indie motioned for me to lean over so that she could tell me a secret. She said, "Tonight, a girl asked me, 'Do you want to be my friend?'"

My sweet baby was grinning from ear to ear! It was beautiful!

And to see my 4 kiddos chasing fireflies in the yard was like letting them eat candy or something. They were squealing and running in the backyard...Even He-Man. He was toddling behind as fast as he could and would point and say, "ohhhhhh" and clap his hands together in the air like he was trying to catch one. So fun...

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Another Satellite View

This is the house Henry built while I was in 12th grade :) We got married the next year and lived there until Ray was about 5 months old. I would show you the house I'm in now but I can't get it centered Posted by Hello

Cool Satellite Views

That's my house I grew up in and an outline around my backyard. Isn't that amazing? The white box-y thing on the bottom side of the house is the big ol' carport where I have lots of memories (birthday parties under there, etc.) that huge backyard was truly awesome. That cul-de-sac (in front of my house, not behind it) was pretty great for kickball, too. This picture was taken by satellite (spooky, eh?) on March 23, 2002. Go here to search for your home Posted by Hello


Q: What did the breakfast cereal name his son?

A: Matthew Steven!

Get it???

Me, neither. But that's the joke that Rocky told us today. He's gotten really funny about making up these jokes that make absolutely ZERO sense. We just laugh and laugh.

"Rocky, you go ahead and swim. I'll just sit here in the wait pool." - Indie to Rocky during his on-again, off-again "swimming party" while she sat in He-Man's baby "WADE" pool and watched Rocky in the bigger one.

Ray finished reading (FINALLY) The Great Brain for her summer reading list. Now she's working on Henry and Ribsy.

Will be posting an awesome picture in a minute (I hope).

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Just wanted to show y'all my sister and her family. Yes, she's holding sweet little Feff :) Thanks for the prayers! He's doing great! Posted by Hello

Monday, June 14, 2004

Or this one? Posted by Hello

This one? Posted by Hello

Thinking Ahead

I found this cool link.

Does anyone remember the "Empty Nest" episode where the "Joe Isuzu" character (whatever his name was) wanted a vanity plate to show he was a Ship Captain? Remember how he wanted his plate to say "Sea Lover"? Remember how he was so excited about it when it came in the mail? Remember how he showed it to his neighbors and it said, "CLOVER"???? I laffffffed!

Saturday, June 12, 2004


Ugh. I am such a chicken. I just wrote out a whole bunch of stuff about birth because I watched "Unconventional Births" on Discovery Channel tonight (AWESOME SHOW btw) but I deleted it all because I am too tired to make it sound nice enough for everyone who reads this to not freak out over it (whew - what a run-on sentence!) Basically the gist was that I find it odd that natural childbirth (homebirth, birth centers, and even au naturales in hospitals) are considered UNCONVENTIONAL! It's the "modern medicine" that actually goes against nature and should be considered "unconventional". Weird that God's plan is not the plumb line of consideration any more but that the doctor's design is the one considered normal and choosing to let God's design flow is what is looked at as odd-ball.

Hmph. I'm mad at myself for deleting because I really want this to be a place of soap-boxing.

Ever notice that the people who find natural birth the craziest thing in creation and/or those who had the very worst birth experiences were the ones who did the least amount of self-educating and who had the most medically-interventive births?

I need to go to bed. I have been staying up ENTIRELY too late this week. Plus, I need to be well-rested for the Lord's Day. I'm excited about church!

Thursday, June 10, 2004

He is a genius

I can't tell you how many times a day Henry and I talk about the genius we have in He-Man. Of course, all the kids are brilliant :) but He-Man blows our minds.

Leaving church tonight, He-Man is riding in his sling and leans over to ask me face to face, "Bwoon?"

I didn't even have to think twice about what he said. It was plain as day.

"Balloon?" I asked.

He looked up in the sky.

You see, last week when we left church, we had 3 helium balloons that we released as we left the building. Hudson was hoping we would either do it again today or either he would be able to see the ones we released last Wednesday.

Neat, huh?

It is CONSTANTLY things like that...

He also likes to go into the bathroom, stand near the toilet and pull up on his shirt. Since he's wearing one piece outfits 99% of the time, it took me a little while to figure out what he was doing. But yesterday I saw Rocky 'going potty' and He-Man was standing right beside him, watching. Rocky uses both of his hands to hold up his shirt while he tee-tees. He-Man copies him.

Other things He-Man can say quite clearly:

"Dit down" - "Get Down" as he crawls off the bed or couch

"Peez?" - "Please"

"Oosy" - "Lucy" - the dog

"Wah-woo" - "Water"

"Beh-buh" - "Belly-button"

"Ear", "Nose", "EyeZ" - no explanation needed

"Book-kuh" - "Book" - Not sure why he adds the extra emphasis on the "k"

"Baw" - "Ball"

These are in addition to "Momm-ee", "Dad-Da", "Paw Paw", "Me Me", "GJo", "PePaw"

I'll share more as I remember them or hear them.

Sorry if this seemed like bragging.

I think I like it!

The former post has given me a desire to name my blog the name you see it is now.

Of course, I am deciding this at 1:21 AM so it might change in a few days when I'm more awake.

I love it when this happens

"Nutrition : How Sweet It Is"

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Coming Soon To A Theatre Near You

I think the European way of spelling "theatre" is cool. It's an artsy enough word that it ought to be spelled that way all the time.

Hopefully Ray will learn to say "theater" correctly soon. Right now it is still pronounced "thee - AYE - ter" (although it sounds wronger than my phonetic spelling - she does it just a little too country or something...)

Speaking of -
Henry and I went to a movie last night for our anniversary. Get this. We had the night without kids to go to any movie we wanted and what did we choose? SHREK 2!

It was really funny. The kids will probably laugh at it when they see it but they will definitely not (of course) appreciate all the humor that was in there. Again, like the first Shrek, this is a movie I will allow them to see but we will not own it. I won't mind them watching it while some things still go over their head but I'm afraid that if we owned it for them to watch at their leisure, too many things would start sinking in and they'd start asking questions or noticing things that I'd rather them not notice (the word 'sexy' for example).

Well, let me just share my excitement :)

I made mention in an earlier post that a new church is in our future. Now let me just say that after today, I am REALLY excited about this new church. We are going to make plans to meet with the pastor this week and that will help us finalize the decision but there were SEVERAL answers to prayer today alone. God has been answering some serious issues for the last couple of days (mostly answering me and he has been using Donnie a great deal to speak to me). Today was kinda the big 'hurray' of answers. The Sunday School topic dealt DIRECTLY WITH one of the big issues we've been discussing the last couple of days. The Lord actually used Donnie to answer my questions before today but today's lesson could not have been more perfect to cement what God has been telling us over the last week (me especially!) And then I was SO encouraged by conversations that I had with women today. Fellowship with other women is a big issue and today was wonderfully helpful in making God's pointing us in the right direction clearer. It was really neat.

And at tonight's bible study (for women) the class was exactly the kind I like. We got a little off topic but for something really important....digging in the bible for answers to a question (how old was Isaac when Abraham took him to the altar for sacrificing). It was really great. It was like a great big hug from God saying, "See....I have a place for you!" Man, it was awesome.

I am REALLY praying I don't mess this up. I can get really excited about things and I don't want my enthusiasm to get in the way of hearing God. But I am confident the Lord wants me excited about following His will and serving with His people, and worshiping Him in a fellowship of other believers. I have GOT to keep a sharp ear out for His leading. I don't want to think He's shown us a place and now I can quit listening and seeking His will. I want to be sharper now than ever before.

Thank you, God!


I just read the post I wrote minutes ago. It was terribly disjointed and in some places, just flat-out wrong. Some sentences didn't make any sense at all. But, I've got a nursing baby in my lap and a 6-year-old asking me questions who NEEDS to be taking a nap and is so tired that when I answer her questions (about something I'm pretty sure she has lost) and I really don't feel like re-writing the thing.


I have learned to be so much better about not answering the phone. Especially on Sundays. If the phone rings and I can tell by Caller ID that it's not a call that will keep me in my Sabbath Day mode, I usually let the machine get it and I call back later.

Sometimes, though, I answer it anyway. I wasn't really in the proper "Sabbath Day" mode and when the phone rang, I just got it. Thankfully, it was a good call BUT it WAS a business call. I really don't like doing business on Sunday.

Maybe I need to turn off all the ringers.

He-Man is running around happy in his diaper but he won't stay far away from me for very long. He'll wander off to play with something but within a few minutes he's right back under foot (or at least close by). I guess he's just at the age of enjoying his ability to explore but he's a little anxious that he might get lost if I get out of his sight for too long.

Jen is still pregnant.

NOTE TO JEN: DO NOT WORRY :) Just because I'm writing about you here doesn't mean that I'm stressing about you! OK?????

Being a doula is an awesome thing. But there is this funky place in the brain that warps time a little bit during those 2 weeks before and after a due date of a 'client'. I don't schedule anything big in those couple of weeks (usually...sometimes some big deals creep in there) and my brain is always in this 'ready to go' status. I take showers at night way more often when I'm on call than any other time, just in case I get called out at night. I sleep pretty lightly but I definitely don't toss and turn. I actually don't realize I'm sleeping lightly until I get a phone call, though. Only when I'm on call am I able to hop out of bed at a moment's notice. Otherwise, if you call in the middle of the night, you might have a full-length, in-depth conversation with me but I can pretty much guarantee you that there was no retention of what was being said by either of us.

So, I'm kinda in that state now.

I think we've found a new church. Henry and I haven't 'said so' for sure yet so I won't talk about it too much right now but I have a feeling that we're on the way to making a firm decision. The Lord has just answered a TON of questions and prayers for us (me especially) in the last couple of days. He is amazing and faithful!

Thank you to Joy for our conversation the other day. That was the beginning.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Last Day

Hopefully this is the last day for a few things...

It's definitely the last day of softball until next season! YAY! We were at the ballfield all morning for 2 ball games and now we're waiting for Ray and Henry to come back from R's closing ceremony so that we can go to the Team Parties (for both girls).

I'm also hoping this is the last day Jen is pregnant with Luke. Hopefully she'll go into labor this afternoon or evening.

I'm hoping this is the last day the kids have of not meeting Feff. As soon as Jen's baby is born, we're heading over to see him. The kids are SO READY! I'm ready to hold him again, too!

This is the last day Henry and I have been married exactly 11 years! (Lame way to incorporate the title into saying that today is our 11th anniversary!) After today, we'll be married OVER 11 years. In 35 minutes, we will be exactly 11 years after our wedding ceremony began (2 PM).

Gotta run out the door. Henry's home and we're off to the swimming party! Whoo hoo :)

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Not Doing My Homework

I am so far behind in stuff that I have that awful feeling in my gut like I didn't do my homework and I know I'm going to either be shuffling tomorrow to get it done or either sucking it up and get a zero as my consequence.

Feff did get released from the hospital today - Hallelujah! He wasn't released from town, though. Uma & Arthur had to stay at Mom and Dad's house because their doctor wants to do another echocardiagram (sp??) tomorrow. There is a chance he will have to be re-admitted to the hospital.

Deep sigh....

Back to work.

My Duff

I can't get off it. I'm sitting here at my desk overwhelmed by the number of people I need to call and the number of things I need to do today. I got a couple of new phone calls today that just make me sad. Feff's blood work hasn't come back normal yet so he's still in hospital. Another friend lost a pregnancy. Sad stuff. Glad I had that Larry David article to make me smile. Glad to hear some people are catching a break :)

Life isn't all bad. In fact, God is very good. I'm just having to pray constantly...."God, you created the heavens and the earth and all the people on it. I know you are in control and all I need to do is be obedient. Please forgive me for anger over situations in which I have no control."

Kids are watching old home movies and laffffing! Very cute.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Wednesday To Do

Call people/follow-up

Michelle's Invites

Clean kitchen counter

Get books from Summer Reading List

Mail info to Mannatech

Mail checks

Visit Granny

Call Mama Green

Change Of Plans

Feff didn't get home today after all. The kids had been waiting for the 'ok' all day. We bought some streamer/popper thingies at Walmart for his going-home-bon-voyage-thingy. We're all very sad for numerous reasons.

God, PLEASE fix this!