Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Shortcut Of A Post

Confession : Facebook status updates have a tendency to postpone my nagging desire to write a blog entry. Sorry. But if you're on fb too, you already know that's where I'm spending so much of my rare online time.

My other online time is spent working with:
TourGuide Mike to plan the upcoming Disney World trip. I can't believe how quickly it's sneaking up on us! (Pray-ers .. please lift another prayer for us to sell our house. Sure would be awesome to have it sold before the trip!) This might seem like a waste of time to SOME people but to me and my family (there are 15 of us going on the trip) this is a HUGE deal.

Emails that build-up in MASSIVE heaps since I'm not checking it every 5 minutes.

A renewed (and if I can be honest, surprising with the economy and all) interest by others, in Mannatech. YES! Thrills me!

Struggling through my role of "Community Organizer" with ABC. I love it but I have little faith in my abilities to do it as well as it deserves...but I'm gonna do my best!

Oh, and I think trying to be on the computer with a little one is at one of the hardest phases. When Captain was a little smaller, he'd be content to just cuddle while I sat at the desk. Now, he's only interested in pushing buttons himself or in yelling at me to show him a youtube video of "Choo choo!!" (model trains)

Eventually, though, I WILL be back. In the meantime, find me on fb. That's where I status, flair, and share pics.