Tuesday, May 30, 2006

No Promises

I can't promise that I will quit burning the candle at both ends but I am going to make an earnest effort to enjoy the flames :) My kids are growing up soooo quickly and I am desperately wanting to spend some more time with them while they are still (sorta) little.

We've got lots of stuff going on and I'm really ready to get started on the transition to a homeschooling schedule. It's funny. One of the things I am looking most forward to about homeschooling is not having to follow anyone ELSE'S schedule but I know, KNOW, K N O W that we have GOT to come up with some sort of routine to make sure this thing works.

So, we're going to start working on it ASAP. I'm sure we'll tweak it a hundred times before it's truly settled on but I figure it's best to get started tweaking now than when we're also learning how to do the scholastic part of it.

All of that said, I'm going to be working with a more scheduled computer time. This will probably lead to less blogging time for a little while, but hopefully I will be very focused during the times I'm able to be logged on. I hope that with this more stringent self-discipline that I can get on here and really enjoy the words that are always rolling around in my brain.

So IF this leads to less blogging, you now know why. I'm hoping it won't be a drastic starvation diet for me, but a healthy moderation instead. I'm hoping it will be a more efficient effort in a limited timeframe. Without a limit on myself I'm really tempted to wander and surf and spend aimless moments clicking from link to link. Now, maybe things will be more streamlined.

Please keep visiting the blog and to encourage me, why don't you non-commenters drop me a line from time to time. It will make my day (and you can even do it anonymously!)

Y'all are great. I truly appreciate and love the fact that y'all check in on me so often (and yes, I can "see you" even when you don't comment :) Site meters are GREAT that way!) Don't go away!

(p.s. I've added a new important link to the sidebar. FLYLADY is helping me with my baby steps.)

Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Memorial Day??

Is "Happy" really the appropriate word for Memorial Day? I mean, YES, I want everyone to be happy and I want everyone to have a good Memorial Day...I just wonder if saying "Have a Happy Celebrate-Our-Fallen-Soldiers Day" is exactly right.

However, today I can have complete confidence in saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lovely Harris Anne. She is 8 today!

We started our morning with a family brunch. Gjo & PePaw, MeMe & PawPaw, Donna, Nathan, and Stacey all came over for some brunch-umptious Quiche & Mashed Browns (ymmm). We then entertained the crowd with a concert & play by the children.

Several weeks back, we were "supposed" to do the piano recital thing. It coincided with (can you guess??) softball & t-ball. We also had to nix the school Talent Show because of athletics. So, we decided that we'd use this day to let the children showcase their work from this past year.

Shayne opened the program with the national anthem, which she played on her electric guitar. It was cool. The next few numbers consisted of the girls taking turns dazzling us with their instruments. Harris Anne tickled the electric keyboard "ivory" while Shayne impressed us with snippets of Aerosmith's "Dream On" and Smashmouth's "All-Star" They closed the musical acts with a duet of "Ode To Joy." This portion of the program was a hit!

After a few gymnastics moves by David, the girls were changed into their costumes for the play "Wait! What's That?" written and directed by Shayne. All 4 children were in this production and it was quite funny. It ended with "it was just a dream" a la "Dallas" or "Bob Newhart" style.

It was a good day. After the crowds were gone, we played a round of Cranium Family Fun then the kids went outside to play with the hose in the backyard.

The afternoon & evening ended up being about 90 miles of unexpected driving but we're finally home and settled down now. The driving consisted of a couple of "long stories" and weren't eventful enough for blogging.

So now I need to hit the hay. Goodnight y'all :)

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Still Here, Lisa

Thanks for wondering about me, though! Just busy right now. Checking some email here and there but not spending large chunks of time online.

I must apologize for sure about not getting back with a big SOUL PATROL SOUL PATROL after Wednesday night's results show. It was an excellent way to end my first Idol season.

Will be bloggin' and commenting to some comments SOON :)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Soul Patrol!!

I'm voting. Are you? (I've gotten through around 7 times so far)


So Pathetic - I DREAMED About American Idol

That's right. I woke up soon after spending some quality time with Paris. We were standing in a crowded hallway (school??) and I had to BEG her to stand with me for a picture. Well, my camera was in the car so Donnie went running out for it. Paris wanted to leave but I kept harrassing her saying, "He'll be riiight back." NO ONE around us had a camera. Ugh. Anyway, I ended up spending a great deal of time with her and met her crazy extended family. We got talking like real people and eventually (y'all......this is REALLY crazy) Paris ended up showing me a spot on her BOOB that she thought was mastitis!! As if she was one of my doula clients!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Something must be wrong with me.

Somehow I was also on the front row for the show tonight. And everyone who came out on the stage was somebody NOT from American Idol. Oh, except for Kellie Pickler that is. She had one of her weirdo-high hairdos and....get this...was in a WHEELCHAIR!

The next guy who came out was also in a wheelchair (Christopher Reeves style) and I had NO idea who he was. Then a friend of mine who uses a wheelchair ALSO came out being pushed by his wife. I was yelling on stage, "Ross!?" --- which is weird because his first name isn't Ross. His last name is.

Anyway, another couple that came out was some fat Amish looking guy who was walking down the runway on his knees and holding the hand of a little girl.

None of them were singing.

It was all so weird.

I think that maybe I'm anxious because I will have to miss the live show again tonight. We'll be at the ballfields (where else??) I'm also anxious (very) about missing the Results show tomorrow because we'll also be...all together now..."at the ballfields." H.A.'s game will end about the time the show is ending. I am truly worried that someone will get a cell phone call and I'll hear, "REALLY??? Awesome! -- Hey, everyone, Kat won American Idol!"

Sad, ain't it?

Dream interpretations are welcome.

Monday, May 22, 2006

And Since The Topic Has Been Raised

Food for thought:

"Can Christians Use Birth Control?" - A commentary by Albert Mohler.

Another Sign That People Prefer Their Own Plans To God's

Read more here.

It's Almost Time

Almost time for a new computer. Hopefully next week! I cannot wait!

We've had this computer since Harris Anne was a new baby. It has been a GREAT machine. Very little crashes and our only teeny virus problems were corrected by Donnie without much trouble. I don't think we were ever without the computer more than 24 hours in all these years (except when we moved.)

Even though this machine has been great and has allowed us to get lots of work done, have lots of fun, stay organized, and document the lives of our sweet babies, there have been some pretty real behind-the-times issues. The biggest lately has been locking-up. Things like eBay and Google calendar cause this baby some major havoc. Adobe Acrobat is an issue sometimes, too. And I've always had trouble opening many .doc files. Realplayer has been a problem for years. We've tried correcting it numerous of times (because Mannatech uses Realplayer for their archived videos) but have never been successful. Just recently I made it conk out when I tried updating Trillian. I don't chat much at all but when I do, I have liked this program. I'm also in desperate need of updating some Mannatech business software but have been unsuccessful with my current setup.

Of course the biggest reason for needing to update our systems is because of homeschooling. We are needing to load Switched On Schoolhouse and I want to start with a clean slate. I'm also planning to add a camera & mic system so that I can do online training & informational meetings. Won't that be cool? And get this, in addition to getting a new desktop, we'll also be getting a laptop with the ability to creator Power Point! I'll be coming up with some awesome presentations soon :)

Can't wait y'all. Let's hope we are as blessed with these new machines as we have been with our current one. It's an oldie but it's been a goodie.

Friday, May 19, 2006

"Children Should Sleep With Their Parents Until They're Five"

Hmm. Wonder if US news will pick up this story.

I have always been pro-co-sleeping. However, I was more nervous about it early on and didn't do it as much with the girls asI did with the boys. I also didn't nurse the girls as long as I did the boys (hope they don't have a complex about this later!) and wasn't quite as confident in my ways then.

Now it has become obvious to me that there is a direct correlation between length of time co-sleeping and ease of transition into the big bed (which is against 'conventional' wisdom. "If you let that baby sleep in your bed, you'll never get him out." Kinda reminds me of, "If you carry that baby in that sling everywhere you go, he'll never learn to walk." Um, yeah.)

Anyway, none of my children have trouble going to bed even though they all slept with us to some degree. Also, the boys who slept with us longest, were EASY EASY EASY making the transition to big bed. So easy. We have no problems getting Hudson to bed and to sleep, even though he was in our bed 100% of the time until earlier this year (he was born 3/03). In fact, just this week, he said, "I wanna go to bed. I'm tired." We said, "OK, give us a kiss and go get in the bed. We'll come check on you in a minute."

And that's exactly what he did. AND he went to sleep! We laughed...

Now, I will say that there are several mornings (they come in spurts) that Hudson gets in the bed with us before sunrise. It's no big deal, though. He (and all the children) are welcome in our bed if they ever need to come in. In fact, I think they are so confident in that safety-net that they never actually need it. I expect it will be too soon before I am missing those early morning cuddles.

So...here's to all of you out there who feel that instinctual desire to have your baby in the bed with you...Do it safely, but do it. It's good for them.

Children are like fruit...they only spoil if you leave them alone for too long.

Read the article and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

33% x 3 - WOW

I've never seen Taylor as close to puking as he was when he saw the percentages. I'm REALLY glad he saw them. And I'm REALLY glad Elliot saw them. Poor dude. I'm SO proud of him! And man....doesn't he look better now than he did at the beginning?? Thumbs up to the stylists. Hair is definitely an important thing for the El-Train.

Again, I'm glad Taylor saw the percentages. I think it knocked him back down to earth a little bit and will force him to work his hiney off for next week. I think we'll see him REALLY shine.

Ain't no way Kat is gonna win this thang.

Alabama's Soul Patrol certainly showed up for Taylor, didn't they? A big "whooo!" to the girls who are in the picture on my blog (with my kids) -- they got a massive close-up during the hometown footage. YAY FOR CAROLINE AND MADELYN! I bet they flipped their lids when they saw themselves! Very cool. :)


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My Two Other Mother's Day Stories

Since I posted David's fill-in-the-blank Mother's Day story, I thought I should also share with you what my girls wrote. These are awesome, too!

From Harris Anne:
My Mom is special because she takes me where I need to go, cooks good food, and loves all my brothers and sisters very much!
I like it when my Mom makes me laugh, when she comes to all my softball games, and teaches me things I never knew!
My Mom can do many things! I think she's best at loving me and helping me.
My Mom has a pretty smile! I like to make her smile by obeying her, putting fake teeth in my mouth, writing things to her, and coloring pictures.
My Mom is as pretty as a beautiful angel.
My Mom is smart! She even knows how to drive, how to love me and take care of me, and most of all, she knows how to cook great and healthy food!

From Shayne:
A scripture to encourage you: Psalm 117: Praise the Lord, all nations; Laud Him all peoples! For His lovingkindness is great toward us, and the truth of the Lord is everlasting. Praise the Lord!
Galatians 5:16 But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not carry out the desire of flesh.

My happies memory with you was: When we were at Walt Disney World on Thunder Mountain and you were encouraging me and leaning against me. I felt delighted and not afraid, so I wanted to ride again.
My funniest memory with you was: When you were watching Lost and you told me something was hilarious and the guy exploded. Thank you for letting me watch. I'm glad I didn't miss it. (note from Stacy -- I'm SO embarrassed Shayne's teacher read this!!!!!)
My saddest memory with you was: When beautiful, kind Lucy was in your arms and she slowly started closing her small eyes. Now, there is no more Lucy and no other dog can replace her.
What you taught me most about God was: That God will always forgive me and will never leave me. Also, that I can pray to God wherever I am at any time of day.
You are a great Mom because: You teach me about God. You are fun, and that's not all. You give up time of your day to do things with all four kids. Again I say and mean it, I LOVE YOU!

Don't I have the GREATEST kids!?

Monday, May 15, 2006

Lame Is The Name Of The Game

I don't think I can bear to watch CSI Miami next year. I might not even watch it next week. I'm very tired of Horatio and the melodrama. Good grief. Lame-o.

Here are pictures from Taylor Hicks' fan-devous in Alabama on Friday. I know. I'm lame. Look for us on tomorrow night's show. It's always possible we might end up in the crowd footage when they show each of the Idols as they all return to their hometowns. I wore a red www.MannaRelief.org t-shirt.

Taylor cheers for himself along with Alabama's First Lady, Patsy Riley.

We found some of Shayne's school friends had come to see Taylor, too! They made signs and EVERYTHING!

Get this video and more at MySpace.com

Even though I'm not necessarily pulling for Elliot to win the big AI contest next week, I have to admit I'm happy that I wasn't shown on our local news coverage answering the question, "Who is going to be the next American Idol??" Yes, I screamed along with the crowd, "Taylor Hicks!!" I didn't think it would be proper to say, "Well....according to online chit chat, Elliot is going to walk away a winner!"

I'll truly be fine with it being either of the two guys. Just PLEASE DON'T LET IT BE KATHARINE! Go Kat Go...go home!

If Taylor wins, that's another cool notch in the Alabama talent belt. If Elliot wins, I don't think it could have gone to a nicer guy :)

Shall I cut the lameness here by sharing David's Kindergarten fill-in-the-blank story about his Mom? Yeah, I thought that'd be a good idea, too.

My Very Special Mother!

My mother is the most wonderful mother in the world! She is as pretty as a flower. Her favorite color is black. She weighs more than 60 pounds and is 6 feet tall. She has lovely brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. She loves to eat chicken all the time! I think my mother is funny when she tickles me. My mother is sweeter than my sister. My favorite thing my mother does with me is play games. I wouldn't trade my mother for anything in the world!

I Love You!
Happy Mother's Day

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Happy Picture

David Gym Videos

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Get this video and more at MySpace.com

David - Gold Medalist

Just wanted to share (mainly with my family) some pictures (and eventually video) from David's gymnastics exhibition yesterday.

Marching In

Ta Da!

The Start Of A Back-handspring

David Wins Gold! (not really, he was just the very best one there without a doubt) :)

I hope to add videos in next post.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

My Double-Digit Darlin'

Somehow, my sweet Shayne is now 10 years old. How in the world did that happen!?

After church, we had a very-much-needed day of rest. We went out for a celebratory birthday lunch and then went home and took naps. Shayne and I cozied together, which I really loved :)

Here you will see Shayne doing something I wouldn't do -- COOK ON HER BIRTHDAY!

Isn't she growing up beautifully!?

Aw, I just love this gal.

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

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Friday, May 05, 2006

So glad I figured out how to do this

I took my first step of learning how to add video last week when I posted the model in high heels. NOW I have FINALLY figured out how to post videos I have taken myself.

This is so great :)

Watch H.A. doing the Caterpillar (AKA Worm).
(this video is from our little digital camera and we didn't know it had sound on it until we uploaded it to the computer! I think I was cooking spaghetti and you can hear Donnie telling me the water for the noodles is boiling)

This video was taken several months ago. Be prepared to see more now that I know how to do it!

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