Tuesday, May 30, 2006

No Promises

I can't promise that I will quit burning the candle at both ends but I am going to make an earnest effort to enjoy the flames :) My kids are growing up soooo quickly and I am desperately wanting to spend some more time with them while they are still (sorta) little.

We've got lots of stuff going on and I'm really ready to get started on the transition to a homeschooling schedule. It's funny. One of the things I am looking most forward to about homeschooling is not having to follow anyone ELSE'S schedule but I know, KNOW, K N O W that we have GOT to come up with some sort of routine to make sure this thing works.

So, we're going to start working on it ASAP. I'm sure we'll tweak it a hundred times before it's truly settled on but I figure it's best to get started tweaking now than when we're also learning how to do the scholastic part of it.

All of that said, I'm going to be working with a more scheduled computer time. This will probably lead to less blogging time for a little while, but hopefully I will be very focused during the times I'm able to be logged on. I hope that with this more stringent self-discipline that I can get on here and really enjoy the words that are always rolling around in my brain.

So IF this leads to less blogging, you now know why. I'm hoping it won't be a drastic starvation diet for me, but a healthy moderation instead. I'm hoping it will be a more efficient effort in a limited timeframe. Without a limit on myself I'm really tempted to wander and surf and spend aimless moments clicking from link to link. Now, maybe things will be more streamlined.

Please keep visiting the blog and to encourage me, why don't you non-commenters drop me a line from time to time. It will make my day (and you can even do it anonymously!)

Y'all are great. I truly appreciate and love the fact that y'all check in on me so often (and yes, I can "see you" even when you don't comment :) Site meters are GREAT that way!) Don't go away!

(p.s. I've added a new important link to the sidebar. FLYLADY is helping me with my baby steps.)


Lisa said...

Wow, homeschooling!!! I'd forgotten you were doing this next year, how exciting!!!!! Don't worry - we'll bug you into blogging if you get too scarce! And good ole Flylady, huh? She drove me crazy a couple summers ago. Too. Many. Emails. I'm convinced my mom is the flylady in disguise - she is super organized just like that. Good luck!!!

J.D. said...

Peek-a-boo, I see you too :)

Might as well take a break, since we've now got Tuesday and Wednesday nights free :)

Rachel said...

Yay! You're going to love FLYlady. Good luck with the homeschooling; when do you start? Do you take summers off?

Stacy said...

Lisa, you are so right. LOTS AND LOTS of emails. I delete most. But the baby steps are REALLY working. Baby steps AND more regulated computer time. I'm happy :)

J.D. - Donnie & I are going to be using this summer to catch up on some seasons of stuff on DVD. We need 24 Season 3 and are wishing for a hurry-up publication of LOST Season 2.

Rachel - We are definitely taking the summer off but are still looking ahead by slowly working towards a new routine. We also desperately need to convert the playroom to a classroom. Today's attempts make FLYLADY laughable but we're sticking with it!

~CRYSTAL~ said...

I have been looking for a website meter....could you e-mail the link to the one you use. :)