Monday, May 22, 2006

It's Almost Time

Almost time for a new computer. Hopefully next week! I cannot wait!

We've had this computer since Harris Anne was a new baby. It has been a GREAT machine. Very little crashes and our only teeny virus problems were corrected by Donnie without much trouble. I don't think we were ever without the computer more than 24 hours in all these years (except when we moved.)

Even though this machine has been great and has allowed us to get lots of work done, have lots of fun, stay organized, and document the lives of our sweet babies, there have been some pretty real behind-the-times issues. The biggest lately has been locking-up. Things like eBay and Google calendar cause this baby some major havoc. Adobe Acrobat is an issue sometimes, too. And I've always had trouble opening many .doc files. Realplayer has been a problem for years. We've tried correcting it numerous of times (because Mannatech uses Realplayer for their archived videos) but have never been successful. Just recently I made it conk out when I tried updating Trillian. I don't chat much at all but when I do, I have liked this program. I'm also in desperate need of updating some Mannatech business software but have been unsuccessful with my current setup.

Of course the biggest reason for needing to update our systems is because of homeschooling. We are needing to load Switched On Schoolhouse and I want to start with a clean slate. I'm also planning to add a camera & mic system so that I can do online training & informational meetings. Won't that be cool? And get this, in addition to getting a new desktop, we'll also be getting a laptop with the ability to creator Power Point! I'll be coming up with some awesome presentations soon :)

Can't wait y'all. Let's hope we are as blessed with these new machines as we have been with our current one. It's an oldie but it's been a goodie.


A Friend said...

Yum. Powerpoint...

Lisa said...

You need a Mac, Stacy!! You would love it!!! Especially the new macbooks with the intell processor. Drink the koolaid!!! MAC MAC MAC! All the cool kids are doing it! ;)