Tuesday, May 23, 2006

So Pathetic - I DREAMED About American Idol

That's right. I woke up soon after spending some quality time with Paris. We were standing in a crowded hallway (school??) and I had to BEG her to stand with me for a picture. Well, my camera was in the car so Donnie went running out for it. Paris wanted to leave but I kept harrassing her saying, "He'll be riiight back." NO ONE around us had a camera. Ugh. Anyway, I ended up spending a great deal of time with her and met her crazy extended family. We got talking like real people and eventually (y'all......this is REALLY crazy) Paris ended up showing me a spot on her BOOB that she thought was mastitis!! As if she was one of my doula clients!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Something must be wrong with me.

Somehow I was also on the front row for the show tonight. And everyone who came out on the stage was somebody NOT from American Idol. Oh, except for Kellie Pickler that is. She had one of her weirdo-high hairdos and....get this...was in a WHEELCHAIR!

The next guy who came out was also in a wheelchair (Christopher Reeves style) and I had NO idea who he was. Then a friend of mine who uses a wheelchair ALSO came out being pushed by his wife. I was yelling on stage, "Ross!?" --- which is weird because his first name isn't Ross. His last name is.

Anyway, another couple that came out was some fat Amish looking guy who was walking down the runway on his knees and holding the hand of a little girl.

None of them were singing.

It was all so weird.

I think that maybe I'm anxious because I will have to miss the live show again tonight. We'll be at the ballfields (where else??) I'm also anxious (very) about missing the Results show tomorrow because we'll also be...all together now..."at the ballfields." H.A.'s game will end about the time the show is ending. I am truly worried that someone will get a cell phone call and I'll hear, "REALLY??? Awesome! -- Hey, everyone, Kat won American Idol!"

Sad, ain't it?

Dream interpretations are welcome.


Lisa said...

LOL!!!! And I thought *I* was obsessed with AI. ;) Sadly, I must confess that I also had an AI dream earlier in the season - something about Ace?? I can't even remember now. Anyway - I can't believe you have your priorities so mixed up that you would actually consider attending YOUR OWN CHILD'S BALLGAME when the Idol is on the air. Pfft! ;)

Note that I've decided to weigh in on this deep topic, while avoiding the more serious posts before this one. What does that say about me?

A Friend said...

I have to miss it too. I'll be leading my children (sniff sniff) in a line at graduation! I'm very happy for them! They looked so excited today at practice.

Lisa said...

Hi again! :) Still thinking about that mac??

J.D. said...

Gee, Stacy, just think what kind of dreams I must have. At least I have actually talked to a lot of these people in real life :) I had one where it was me and my ex-girlfriend on stage singing. Scary.

Still, nothing tops my nerves when I was getting ready to stand in line for the auditions. Or my frustration at finding out that Hurricane Katrina had made Memphis cancel their auditions.

Wonder what kind of dreams I'll have when I meet last year's contestants in a couple of weekends?