Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dropping In For Just A Minute

I do not do well without the Internet guys. It misses me and I miss it. And it's cool to see that some of y'all miss me ON the Internet. Very sweet. Thank you!

We are doing well. Still waiting for the house to sell/show again. Still having a super-busy summer. Still enjoying ball season's end (did anyone else see Indie's team pic in the paper last week? HILARIOUS, huh?) Still counting down to Disney World in the distant future and the beach and Six Flags in the coming weeks. Still enjoying the freedom of self-scheduled summers in between homeschool years. Still reading the awesomeness that is the (slow but fascinating) book Heaven.

I wish I had something exciting to write about but all deep topics are too tough to wrestle right now. I just wanted you to know we were still kicking!

Friday, July 11, 2008

You'll Just Have To Forgive Me

I will have very (VERY) limited internet access for a little while. I don't know for sure how long this temporary situation will last but until it is resolved, I will only have access when I load up the laptop and drive around looking for a free wifi signal or go to one of the folks' houses. It's a big pain but for our situation, it's what's we're dealing with for right now.

Just wanted you to know :)

Oh, and everything is fine. No worries, (actually, that's a lie but for bloggin' sake, let's stick with it) and hopefully things will change soon so that I can get back in my groove.

I almost forget what my groove feels like but I'm sure it's still there somewhere.

Take THAT, Copycat.

Glycoproducts must deliver all products to Mannatech for destruction. Ha.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Top Ten Reasons To Blog Tonight

10. Two of my four loyal readers are wondering where I am.

9. I'm well-rested, unlike the past 73 days in a row, and can put a couple of thoughts together. (Thank you, God for afternoon naps!)

8. I need to give a shout-out to Indie & her All-Star team for being sub-district champs!

7. To add a link to the house for sale blog in case it helps put it up higher in the google results for searches about the Redland Road Elementary School in Wetumpka.

6. Because I need to spend a few online minutes away from Facebook.

5. If I don't blog now, it might be another couple of weeks added on to my already too-long delay here because the calendar is hairy-crazy for the rest of the month.

4. Writing, as non-intellectual as mine usually is, helps me.

3. Sitting down at the desk to type this puts an ever-growing to-do list in my eyesight so that I can check off a few more things before going to bed.

2. Opens an opportunity for me to invite all the lurkers to drop me a comment to finally say 'hello!' (I know you're there!)

1. Everyone deserves the chance to see this cutie-patootie pic my Mom took this weekend.