Saturday, January 22, 2005

Here's the back of the house that I posted a picture of earlier in the week. It sits on a .6 acre lot of land. And guess what..... Posted by Hello

Well...we did it!!! We bought the house I posted here earlier in the week! We got an offer on our house the same day we found this one. And would you believe BOTH of those events occurred on that Monday that I skipped going to Birmingham???? I'm thinking that was TOTALLY a God thing....Anyway, these pictures are ones that the owners/realtor posted to market their house. This is one from the kitchen. We are getting that refrigerator (whoo hoo!). The door beside it goes to the utility/laundry room (which also leads to the driveway.) The doorway you can barely see to the right leads to a 'bonus room' that could eventually be used as a 5th bedroom someday. We will probably use it as a office/guest room. It has a half-bath attached as well as a door to the driveway. There is also an enormous closet attached to it. It was being used as a sewing room by these owners and could potentially be a small office space. I had originally thought I might go that route but I'm leaning towards making it a mini junkroom. By the way, WE LOVE THIS HOUSE and give God every ounce of GLORY He deserves because this house could NOT be possible without HIS outpouring of blessings on our family. PRAISE GOD! Posted by Hello

Thes pictures were obviously made during Christmas time. We REALLY love the arrangment in the great room. The smaller sofas in front make a cozy place for watching TV and the chairs in the back make a nice sitting area. You can see the doorway to the master bedroom. There is a door to the left as well that takes you down the hall to 3 bedrooms and a bath. Posted by Hello

The foyer. Posted by Hello

The fireplace is setup for gas logs to be hooked to a propane tank. It might be next year before we try to do that. I love that mirror above the mantle but am not sure what we will put there. We really like the arrangement for the entertainment center. Posted by Hello

Beautifully colored (crimson) dining room. Not sure how formal I want this to be. Needs a Daniel Moore painting :) Posted by Hello

Breakfast area of the kitchen. I want to get a funky, bright-colored clock for just above the windows...and I want it to be BIG or at least VERY EASY to read. Posted by Hello

Master bath vanity - has 2 walk-in closets, garden tub, separate shower, phone by the toilet! Now....will y'all wonder where I am if we talk on the phone??? LOL Posted by Hello

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Could It Be?

Could it be???? Could this be our next home???? We will know in a few days!!! It's looking good, though! Just gotta keep praying :) Posted by Hello

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Thanks to fellow bloggers

Just wanted to say THANK YOU to the wide variety of bloggers that write such wonderful things for me to read. I have many that are so deep and serious and thoughtful and sometimes downright depressing....and then I have those who crack me up with goofball posts about daily life. I enjoy the variation and wonder where I fit on the spectrum. When I look back at my entries, I wonder what people think. Personally, I probably wouldn't read myself very much.

I love getting comments (hint, hint!) but I know that more people are reading me than indicate through the online feedback. I will hear from time to time that someone knew something about my life because they had read it on the blog. HUH? Strange stuff.

I'm rambling.

I appreciate you reading me :)

Monday, January 03, 2005

Oh be careful little eyes what you see

Do y'all know that children's song? It's so true...our eyes have to be protected because what they see gets into the heart.

Sometimes that's good, though. I think eyes give the heart reality. This is good when what the eyes see are factual. Not so good when the eyes see something protrayed as fact yet is wrong. Boy, I could totally go on many tangents with this thought but I won't. My point of all of this is that the reality of the terrible tsunami tragedy was only words until tonight. I saw a terribly graphic and horrible photograph of the carnage. The body count was unbelievable and grotesque. I won't link it here. Too disturbing. I wish I had not seen it. But on the other hand, the reality is in my heart now. I feel more pain for the people who were affected. Absolutely unreal. And as the person questioned who posted the picture I saw ... Why has God shown such mercy to me? Why has our family escaped such tragedy thus far. There is certainly not anything I have done to keep danger away.... In fact, as a sinner, I deserve death. That's mercy. That's what Christ is. He bore the death I deserve and redeemed me. Amazing.