Monday, January 03, 2005

Oh be careful little eyes what you see

Do y'all know that children's song? It's so true...our eyes have to be protected because what they see gets into the heart.

Sometimes that's good, though. I think eyes give the heart reality. This is good when what the eyes see are factual. Not so good when the eyes see something protrayed as fact yet is wrong. Boy, I could totally go on many tangents with this thought but I won't. My point of all of this is that the reality of the terrible tsunami tragedy was only words until tonight. I saw a terribly graphic and horrible photograph of the carnage. The body count was unbelievable and grotesque. I won't link it here. Too disturbing. I wish I had not seen it. But on the other hand, the reality is in my heart now. I feel more pain for the people who were affected. Absolutely unreal. And as the person questioned who posted the picture I saw ... Why has God shown such mercy to me? Why has our family escaped such tragedy thus far. There is certainly not anything I have done to keep danger away.... In fact, as a sinner, I deserve death. That's mercy. That's what Christ is. He bore the death I deserve and redeemed me. Amazing.


Willena said...

I saw that picture too, Stacy. But I'm not sorry I saw it. Sometimes we *need* that reality in our hearts in order to see what God has saved us from. That picture is an excellent, graphic object lesson. You are right... we deserve death. But we deserve much more than that. We deserve all that those poor people got, and more... we deserve hell and eternal suffering.

There was nothing in me to make God choose to save me. It is of His mercy and sovereignty, and nothing else. I will praise and thank Him forever that He did.

greasy joan said...

Oh, Stacy, you are so wise. Thank you for reminding us, even when it should be obvious. God is good.