Friday, March 31, 2006

Let The Games Begin!

Shayne's Team Wins!

Tonight: 2 practices (5:00 & 5:30), 1 game (6:00), 1 drama rehearsal (7:00 - Donnie), 4 different locations
Saturday: 2 games (3:00 & 3:30), 1 concession stand duty, Donnie coaching

Thankfully, Hudson will be at the UA A-Day game on Saturday (and stopping by to see Thomas the Tank Engine in Calera - THANK YOU G-Jo & P-Paw!) so he won't be unsupervised while I am working concessions and Donnie is on the field with David's team. Shayne will be in the stands by herself while H.A. is playing.

And it only gets crazier as the season progresses.

Like I've said before, if we didn't love it we could NEVER do it.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

March 27 - Not Just Another Day

3 years ago my sweet Hud-man was born. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUDSON!

We celebrated at the planetarium (best party place in the city! H.A. even said, "This is better than Pump It Up!") with a couple of friends and our family. There was an awesome slide presentation on the big dome, of his little life up to now. (I can email you an invite to see Hudson's Birthday Album if you're interested...just comment or email)

Today was particularly special because it was truly a day of HOOKY for the kids, too. We've let David play hooky before but this is the FIRST TIME we've allowed the girls to skip out. Shayne and I just got in from TX at midnight and she had gotten almost zero sleep while we were gone. It would have been a really bad day for her at school. So, we let them all stay here.

Of course, Hudson's birthday and party played into the decision-making, too. I just had SO much to do. Even with Donnie's help (he took the afternoon off) and not having to do the running around with taking and picking up from school, we were slammed for time. I think missing school was the right thing today.

Shayne's teacher lives around the corner from us. When we returned home this evening, her assignments were on the steps. How nice :) (It REALLY was!)

I have had the best time over the last couple of days. I've had a chance to correspond and chat (phone) with a couple of friends from WAAAAY back. It's been cool.

I haven't uploaded any pictures from my own camera but I snagged this pic from Cheryl's husband (Marc)'s email. Shayne and I had a great time hanging out together and becoming Manna-pumped this past week. I just love this girl SO MUCH!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Howdy From Texas!

I'm sitting next to a 1 year-old in an Amerisuites Hotel in Fort Worth, TX right now. She's the daughter of my friend D and has shown a real need for me to be sitting at this desk beside her while she goes to sleep. If I'm not in here at the computer, she screams for some attention. SO, here I am, helping her get some zzzzs and blogging about the WONDERFUL few days I have just experienced.

I am more ready to share Mannatech with the world now than I have ever been before (and for those of you who have known me for any length of time know that means something because I've been sharing Mtex for years now!) Tonight was the conclusion of a 3-day Mannafest. It is our International convention and just gets me so INSPIRED to help others. Again, I heard OVER AND OVER AND OVER about science, research, and life experiences that make this something I can't keep to myself.

For those of you who are still reading, I appreciate you. There are several of you regulars who I know roll your eyes at Mannatech but since I bet you're not reading this far, I can just say it again, MANNATECH IS CHANGING THE WORLD! And I mean that literally! In countries where health is more appreciated than it is here in the U.S., we are seeing growth at a BLINDING rate. Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, New's growing crazy-fast! They don't have as many skeptics saying, "well, if that was true, my doctor would prescribe it." Grrr. I just need to enroll a few Koreans or Japanese or Taiwanese and help those who are ready for help. And while I do that, I'll continue sharing the truth with those who are in the U.S. and either sick and tired of being sick and tired or those who are smart enough to do their due dilligence and research the science.

There have been so many cool things about this experience that I can't share them all here but one point that really was impressive to me was this: The term "glyconutrients" was coined by Mannatech because there was no word to explain in supplement terms the fact that there are some sugars that are healthy and some sugars that are bad. Even the term "monosaccharides" covers too broad an area. There needed to be a term to describe the sugars that heal! :)

Anyway, the point before I close (because baby is now asleep!) is that now we have many nutritional companies claiming to have GLYCONUTRIENTS in their products. HA :) So Mannatech is onto something that others want to copy. Cool. Bad thing is that for consumers, they're thinking they're getting something good for them when they buy these knock-offsbut end up just paying for expensive glucose.

OK, I'm kinda into the rambling part of this thing. I was trying to stretch out my time sitting here as long as I could! We definitely needed the baby to settle down.

I sure hope any of y'all reading this will consider getting in touch with me as it dawns on you that your diet (if it is an American diet) is not good enough to keep you healthy. I really would love to tell you more! I can send educational videos, scientific research, whatever it takes for you to check it out for yourself. I will not pressure anyone into BUYING anything. That's what salespeople do. I will however, love love love to encourage and educate you about the wonderful science of nutrition.

Monday, March 20, 2006

The Next Tobacco

There's already been talk that "fat" in foods may be our next tobacco but I truly believe soda is a much better parallel. The marketing is SCARILY the same, it's addictive, and it's WAY MORE DESTRUCTIVE to your overall health than its makers want you to believe. AND it's COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY (whereas fat in small amounts ARE necessary.)

I truly am so grateful that God created me with a pure hatred for carbonated beverages. I don't avoid sodas by choice, I was truly just born with an inability to drink anything carbonated. As a child, it was a curse. I would have to wait for my parents to drink their Cokes at a ball game and then go rinse out their cup and fill it up with nasty stadium fountain water. Yuck. OR I'd have to "pay for the cup" to get tap water from the concession stand. Oh, what I would have done for an Aquafina back in the late 70s and early 80s!

Again, THANK YOU LORD that this is one addiction I've never had to overcome.

Read about the latest report regarding the contents of your favorite fizzy pop.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Warning - Sickening Story Is Linked Here

I have a link posted in my sidebar regarding The Ezzos but I'm wondering now if I might not need to post a link regarding the Pearls. I just haven't ever read any of their books so I haven't felt like it would be completely fair for me to do so. However, the REASON I haven't read their books is because I was already pretty well aware of their content and I knew it'd get my feathers ruffled. I've also looked at the website I linked above and if you click through some of the stuff under "child training" and "babies" you can read some of the stuff that just makes me sick.

I'm not sure if my links here are ever even clicked by readers but I hope someone will at least pay attention to the fact that not all parenting advice accompanied by scripture and being labeled "Christian" is truly Christ-like.

I feel so sorry for this woman in the news story. She is obviously a loving mother who has been duped by "Christian" advice that didn't work. I feel so sorry for Moms who feel like they have to follow a formula of humanly-designed discipline instead of following the model set forth by our Heavenly Father. I'm so sad that our American culture has talked women into believing that they must get professional advice from someone regarding all of their choices from "birth-control" to "birthing-control" to "children-control". When will women realize that we have to encourage each other in godly teaching based on THE BIBLE (and not some author quoting the bible out of context) and encouraging the intuitive love given to us by our Creator? We've gotten SO FAR AWAY from trusting that still, small voice inside us. And for the saved women, we have the Holy Spirit! And His fruit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

This news story is not uplifting but hopefully will serve as an opportunity to make yourself aware of things that are being widely accepted by Christian parents.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

A Lasting Impression

Doyle Dykes

I gained a new appreciation for guitarmanship (a real word according to a real guitarist) tonight. Shayne and I went to a "Fingerstyle Guitar Workshop with Doyle Dykes" and I am still in awe of the music and musician.

Shayne is coming up on her first anniversary of being a guitarist herself. She has come a long way in less than a year and I'm VERY proud of her. She's been taking lessons from a very talented and patient teacher and is really grasping the technical parts of "guitarmanship" very well. The music store where she has lessons held a workshop tonight. I thought it'd be good for Shayne to go and become INSPIRED in the passion part of music. Even though I'm NOT A MUSICIAN by any stretch of the imagination, I've always had an appreciation for excellent music and how it can truly move a person. I'm hoping Shayne will grasp the magnificance she saw displayed tonight.

Trying to describe Doyle Dykes to Donnie tonight was very difficult. I couldn't come up with the words to describe his playing. I was truly awe-struck by watching it and stunned at the sound. I have NEVER seen or heard anything like it before. And if I had only listened to his songs without seeing him play them, I don't think I would have appreciated him as much. In fact, listening to his music, you'd probably think, "Hmm, pretty good guitaristS." Notice the plural form of that word. That's because when he plays, he sounds like TWO GUITARISTS!

I've never been such a fan of a guitarist before. And maybe I'm SO EXCITED about his music because I've never really been around other guitarists before but I just cannot imagine there are (m)any better than this guy. (And as icing on the cake, he's an inspiring man following Christ!)

Seriously, I just can't describe it. You gotta see it yourself.

Think Twice Before Choosing This Form Of Income

I guess there have to be drug trials on humans but I can guarantee you that I will NEVER, I repeat NEVER be a part of it. I can't imagine CHOOSING to be a test subject for some new drug. Ack.

The scarier thing is that drug trials continue after they are released and sold on the pharmarket. More people are test subjects than they realize...and they're not getting paid to do it!

Why would anyone want to be a guinea pig for something that is, by definition, TOXIC and must have an LD-50 & an LD-100 rating (lethal dose 50% of the time and lethal dose 100% of the time) before it can be marketed? Drugs certainly don't cure anything. They just cover up symptoms and trick the body into acting differently.

If drug companies were searching for a cure, Cancer would not be our #1 killer today. It was #7 when Nixon declared the "War on Cancer" back in the 70s. After billions being spent on "research" don't you think that number would be going DOWN?

I will stick with nutrients. They are required by the blueprint structure in my body and have worked very well so far.

This story just saddens and frustrates me.

Two New Links On The Sidebar

In my "Frogger" section we have Barbara with an awesome blog at
In the "Sites To Visit" section we have my new friend Karen with her very inspiring and GROWING website at

Barbara's having a photo contest right now.

Momline is looking for writing submissions. That's what her site is all about!

Please check out both of these. They are really cool.

Passed Out


From my sister's camera phone.

Poor buddy.

Congratulating Myself

I have just finished wading through PAGES and PAGES of emails and have finally lowered the 'inbox' to just 2 pages! YAY!

So I'm now celebrating by posting a couple more pictures from that hair-cuttin' day. Oh, and one that Daddy sent me over a month ago that I never posted. It shows Harris Anne posing with a domino house she was VERY proud to have made.

Monday, March 13, 2006


$500 a month to blog. Hmm. Don't know if I'd be interesting enough (probably not) but that SURE WOULD BE COOL!

HEY to all you other Mommy bloggers out there. You should check this out, too!

Please Don't Report Me

What I have done is almost criminal.

I can't believe I let Donnie and the kids talk me into this. David wanted his hair short and I agreed it would be an OK idea since he'll be in a baseball helmet and cap so much the coming months. His long hair would have been a mess throughout ball season.

But what excuse do I have for doing this to Hudson? PEER PRESSURE! Ugh. I hope it grows back fast!

I miss that silky long hair already. Sniff.

And while I'm sharing photos, I might as well show y'all these cute ones.

First, Hudson encourages and cheers for David while he plays Nintendo. Then he consoles him after a loss.

As my Daddy said,

"Big Dog lives on!"

Mom & Dad lost their dalmation to an intestinal problem a few months back. It was right before their move to their new home.

This is a memorial Mom painted for their front porch. I think it looks really nice. Mom used a photo to make the markings as much like Biggon's as possible.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Still Careful When I Get Out Of Bed

Lucy used to sleep by my side of the bed. I always had to be careful not to step on her when I got up.

Shayne said she dreamed Lucy walked into her room.

This weekend was very tiring.

Saturday we buried Lucy at Donna & Nathan's place. She's got a beautiful spot under a canopy of pines. We drove up to P'ville in a hurry after ball practices and barely had enough time to have Lucy's "service" before sunset.

Thanks again, D for letting us have this special spot for her. It really means so much.

Friday, March 10, 2006

In Memory Of Lucy

I know I'm not the only blogger who has a weird sense of urgency in posting important matters.

Less than 1 hour ago, our dear Lucy passed away in my arms. We sat together in the grass near the trampoline.

We knew the day was getting nearer. She hasn't eaten or peed/pooped much in the last few days. When I woke up this morning, she was down in the yard but when we were leaving the house, she was back up on the porch and sleeping by the back door.

I'm so glad I was with her and holding her and comforting her. She definitely knew I was taking care of her.

She's one awesome girl. We will miss her immensely.

February 3, 1993 - March 10, 2006

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hope Program

Remember I told y'all some good things were happening regarding glyconutrients?? Well, here's a snippet of one of those good things. This is a recent blog entry from the Mayfield family. I am their "MannaRelief Champion" and helping to provide glyconutrients through the MannaRelief Ministry. Hannah was in a very serious car accident 1 year ago and sufferred traumatic brain injury. She has been through numerous surgeries and rehab. She's home with her family now and after getting started on glyconutrients a couple of months ago, is finally making advances in healing that they were not seeing before. Many prayers are being answered here!

Hannah laughed at I Love Lucy's vitameatavegamin commercial on Monday. She also responded again to Dr. Law yesterday by moving her pinky when he asked her to. She is smiling more and making more sounds in response to questions. We think she is reading things we put in front of her like "Wiggle your pinky." "Make a Sound." "Move your arms." because she will do what it says most of the time. We have just started doing this, so we will get a better idea as we go.

Kent and Debbie are encouraged by Hannah's responses lately and have been a great help, as have all of our therapists and friends.

If you would like to donate money for Hannah's continued use of glyconutrients, you can donate (tax-deductible!!) at by clicking on the HOPE PROGRAM. Make sure you designate the monies to Hannah Mayfield Hope #5596.


(I hope to have permission to share the story of MB who is a 50-year-old lady battling a very serious stage of cancer. Within 24 hours of glyconutrients, her quality of life has increased dramatically. I REALLY want to go into more details right now but I don't want to invade privacy issues. I will be speaking with her and asking to share her story because it is AMAZING AND ENCOURAGING!)

Friday, March 03, 2006

Willena Thanks Ian...

and I thank Willena!

I really don't need to stumble across things like this today.

The Red Block

I lasted 39.87 seconds on my first try.

How many seconds did the rest of you last on your first try?

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Feeling Guilty

I forgot something I was supposed to do at church tonight. Oops.

Skipping church. Not a good idea.

In the meantime, enjoy this picture of Donna's boy :) He looks SO MUCH like Harris
Anne at this age. Bizarre!

Signs, Signs, Everywhere A Sign

We've been driving by this one little old church for years and Donnie and I always roll our eyes or laugh at the sayings posted on the sign by the road. They rarely have anything to do with being a follower of Christ and even when Jesus is mentioned in the saying, it's often not scripturally correct.

Donnie called me on my cell yesterday to tell me the latest one.

A chrysanthemum by any other name
Would be easier to spell.


OK. American Idol. VERY MUCH looking forward to tonight. Have to say that I was kinda disappointed in the ladies last night. Kinda boring. I REALLY HOPE Katharine got some votes. She truly wasn't outstanding and with her song being first, I'm afraid she might not have picked up any new voting fans. I missed Mandisa because of a phone call but Donnie said she did well.

And I'm very disappointed in America's voting audience since Stacy Keibler placed 3rd in Dancing With The Stars! What a ripoff! (not to mention the other voting farces earlier in the season.)

Very excited about some glyconutrient stuff going on. Good things happening my friends...good things. Heading to Birmingham for a glyconutrient presentation at a Catholic church there on Saturday. If anyone wants to meet me there (or meet up for dinner earlier) LET ME KNOW! The presentation is at 7 so I'm thinking dinner around 5. Someone suggested a Mexican restaurant nearby and that's sounding good to me.)

We skipped church tonight to work on homework and because the church supper wasn't all that appealing tonight. Therefore, I'm off to toss together a dinner.

OOH, off-topic question before I close.

When you are dreaming, do you ever talk to yourself reminding yourself that "this is a dream" or can you manipulate your dreams to get the results you want? I'm asking because my parents found it very odd that I told them I woke up during a dream one Saturday morning but went back to sleep so I could finish it before getting up. It would have put me in a funk if I hadn't finished it.

Anyone else understand what I'm talking about?