Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Signs, Signs, Everywhere A Sign

We've been driving by this one little old church for years and Donnie and I always roll our eyes or laugh at the sayings posted on the sign by the road. They rarely have anything to do with being a follower of Christ and even when Jesus is mentioned in the saying, it's often not scripturally correct.

Donnie called me on my cell yesterday to tell me the latest one.

A chrysanthemum by any other name
Would be easier to spell.


OK. American Idol. VERY MUCH looking forward to tonight. Have to say that I was kinda disappointed in the ladies last night. Kinda boring. I REALLY HOPE Katharine got some votes. She truly wasn't outstanding and with her song being first, I'm afraid she might not have picked up any new voting fans. I missed Mandisa because of a phone call but Donnie said she did well.

And I'm very disappointed in America's voting audience since Stacy Keibler placed 3rd in Dancing With The Stars! What a ripoff! (not to mention the other voting farces earlier in the season.)

Very excited about some glyconutrient stuff going on. Good things happening my friends...good things. Heading to Birmingham for a glyconutrient presentation at a Catholic church there on Saturday. If anyone wants to meet me there (or meet up for dinner earlier) LET ME KNOW! The presentation is at 7 so I'm thinking dinner around 5. Someone suggested a Mexican restaurant nearby and that's sounding good to me.)

We skipped church tonight to work on homework and because the church supper wasn't all that appealing tonight. Therefore, I'm off to toss together a dinner.

OOH, off-topic question before I close.

When you are dreaming, do you ever talk to yourself reminding yourself that "this is a dream" or can you manipulate your dreams to get the results you want? I'm asking because my parents found it very odd that I told them I woke up during a dream one Saturday morning but went back to sleep so I could finish it before getting up. It would have put me in a funk if I hadn't finished it.

Anyone else understand what I'm talking about?

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