Saturday, March 25, 2006

Howdy From Texas!

I'm sitting next to a 1 year-old in an Amerisuites Hotel in Fort Worth, TX right now. She's the daughter of my friend D and has shown a real need for me to be sitting at this desk beside her while she goes to sleep. If I'm not in here at the computer, she screams for some attention. SO, here I am, helping her get some zzzzs and blogging about the WONDERFUL few days I have just experienced.

I am more ready to share Mannatech with the world now than I have ever been before (and for those of you who have known me for any length of time know that means something because I've been sharing Mtex for years now!) Tonight was the conclusion of a 3-day Mannafest. It is our International convention and just gets me so INSPIRED to help others. Again, I heard OVER AND OVER AND OVER about science, research, and life experiences that make this something I can't keep to myself.

For those of you who are still reading, I appreciate you. There are several of you regulars who I know roll your eyes at Mannatech but since I bet you're not reading this far, I can just say it again, MANNATECH IS CHANGING THE WORLD! And I mean that literally! In countries where health is more appreciated than it is here in the U.S., we are seeing growth at a BLINDING rate. Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, New's growing crazy-fast! They don't have as many skeptics saying, "well, if that was true, my doctor would prescribe it." Grrr. I just need to enroll a few Koreans or Japanese or Taiwanese and help those who are ready for help. And while I do that, I'll continue sharing the truth with those who are in the U.S. and either sick and tired of being sick and tired or those who are smart enough to do their due dilligence and research the science.

There have been so many cool things about this experience that I can't share them all here but one point that really was impressive to me was this: The term "glyconutrients" was coined by Mannatech because there was no word to explain in supplement terms the fact that there are some sugars that are healthy and some sugars that are bad. Even the term "monosaccharides" covers too broad an area. There needed to be a term to describe the sugars that heal! :)

Anyway, the point before I close (because baby is now asleep!) is that now we have many nutritional companies claiming to have GLYCONUTRIENTS in their products. HA :) So Mannatech is onto something that others want to copy. Cool. Bad thing is that for consumers, they're thinking they're getting something good for them when they buy these knock-offsbut end up just paying for expensive glucose.

OK, I'm kinda into the rambling part of this thing. I was trying to stretch out my time sitting here as long as I could! We definitely needed the baby to settle down.

I sure hope any of y'all reading this will consider getting in touch with me as it dawns on you that your diet (if it is an American diet) is not good enough to keep you healthy. I really would love to tell you more! I can send educational videos, scientific research, whatever it takes for you to check it out for yourself. I will not pressure anyone into BUYING anything. That's what salespeople do. I will however, love love love to encourage and educate you about the wonderful science of nutrition.

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