Thursday, March 16, 2006

A Lasting Impression

Doyle Dykes

I gained a new appreciation for guitarmanship (a real word according to a real guitarist) tonight. Shayne and I went to a "Fingerstyle Guitar Workshop with Doyle Dykes" and I am still in awe of the music and musician.

Shayne is coming up on her first anniversary of being a guitarist herself. She has come a long way in less than a year and I'm VERY proud of her. She's been taking lessons from a very talented and patient teacher and is really grasping the technical parts of "guitarmanship" very well. The music store where she has lessons held a workshop tonight. I thought it'd be good for Shayne to go and become INSPIRED in the passion part of music. Even though I'm NOT A MUSICIAN by any stretch of the imagination, I've always had an appreciation for excellent music and how it can truly move a person. I'm hoping Shayne will grasp the magnificance she saw displayed tonight.

Trying to describe Doyle Dykes to Donnie tonight was very difficult. I couldn't come up with the words to describe his playing. I was truly awe-struck by watching it and stunned at the sound. I have NEVER seen or heard anything like it before. And if I had only listened to his songs without seeing him play them, I don't think I would have appreciated him as much. In fact, listening to his music, you'd probably think, "Hmm, pretty good guitaristS." Notice the plural form of that word. That's because when he plays, he sounds like TWO GUITARISTS!

I've never been such a fan of a guitarist before. And maybe I'm SO EXCITED about his music because I've never really been around other guitarists before but I just cannot imagine there are (m)any better than this guy. (And as icing on the cake, he's an inspiring man following Christ!)

Seriously, I just can't describe it. You gotta see it yourself.

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