Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hope Program

Remember I told y'all some good things were happening regarding glyconutrients?? Well, here's a snippet of one of those good things. This is a recent blog entry from the Mayfield family. I am their "MannaRelief Champion" and helping to provide glyconutrients through the MannaRelief Ministry. Hannah was in a very serious car accident 1 year ago and sufferred traumatic brain injury. She has been through numerous surgeries and rehab. She's home with her family now and after getting started on glyconutrients a couple of months ago, is finally making advances in healing that they were not seeing before. Many prayers are being answered here!

Hannah laughed at I Love Lucy's vitameatavegamin commercial on Monday. She also responded again to Dr. Law yesterday by moving her pinky when he asked her to. She is smiling more and making more sounds in response to questions. We think she is reading things we put in front of her like "Wiggle your pinky." "Make a Sound." "Move your arms." because she will do what it says most of the time. We have just started doing this, so we will get a better idea as we go.

Kent and Debbie are encouraged by Hannah's responses lately and have been a great help, as have all of our therapists and friends.

If you would like to donate money for Hannah's continued use of glyconutrients, you can donate (tax-deductible!!) at by clicking on the HOPE PROGRAM. Make sure you designate the monies to Hannah Mayfield Hope #5596.


(I hope to have permission to share the story of MB who is a 50-year-old lady battling a very serious stage of cancer. Within 24 hours of glyconutrients, her quality of life has increased dramatically. I REALLY want to go into more details right now but I don't want to invade privacy issues. I will be speaking with her and asking to share her story because it is AMAZING AND ENCOURAGING!)

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