Monday, March 13, 2006

Please Don't Report Me

What I have done is almost criminal.

I can't believe I let Donnie and the kids talk me into this. David wanted his hair short and I agreed it would be an OK idea since he'll be in a baseball helmet and cap so much the coming months. His long hair would have been a mess throughout ball season.

But what excuse do I have for doing this to Hudson? PEER PRESSURE! Ugh. I hope it grows back fast!

I miss that silky long hair already. Sniff.

And while I'm sharing photos, I might as well show y'all these cute ones.

First, Hudson encourages and cheers for David while he plays Nintendo. Then he consoles him after a loss.


Manda said...

Ugh. I did the same thing to Joshy - only worse! He has that marine, road-kill on head thing going on now. What have I done?! :O

~CRYSTAL~ said...

Well, I think they look really cute!

Anonymous said...

The haircuts look GREAT! Don't let anyone tell you different. H's hair was getting ridiculous. It was like a tangled mop. Unless he's Kojak, the hair will grow back. You did a great job on both boys!

A Friend said...

Both ways look good. I'm glad both boys have the same do---it's like they are twins! I bet Hudman thought that was cool--looking like his bro.