Monday, July 31, 2006

What Would You Think?

Two totally unrelated questions for you, my dear readers.

1st - If one of these retractable pens were lying on the table just as it is in the picture, and I asked you to point to the "top of the pen", which end would you point to? The left side or the right side? (And "no" SMART ALECS, I'm not trying to turn this into a brainteaser where you would answer something like, "the top of the pen is the edge with the clip.")

The reason I am asking is because Donnie and I disagree about the answer. I'm curious what YOU think and will explain the situation after I've heard from some of you.

2nd - If you saw somebody at the mall that you thought was dead, would you stop them to tell them?

I actually did this today. Let me explain.

A few years back when I was helping plan our 10 year class reunion, I was talking with a fellow classmate about the LARGE number of people we had lost to death over the years. This guy I was speaking with asked me, "Have you heard anything about KH?"

I had not so I asked him what happened. He told me he didn't know but that he thinks he heard on the news that she had died.


Well, even though I didn't spread this news because he wasn't sure and because I hadn't heard anything else about it, I still kinda thought...."Crap, that's ANOTHER friend who has died!"

Well, like I said, I saw this girl at the mall today and as she walked a foot away from me, walking the opposite direction, I called her name.

I hugged her and laughed and said, "My goodness! I hate to say this but...I actually heard from someone that you might possibly be dead and I am just so happy to see that you're not!"

She smiled and amazingly, had a story behind the reason I thought she had died.

Turns out that her fiancee' was killed in an auto accident about 6 years ago. KH was "sort of" missing during that time, too (mostly a misunderstanding) and her mother reported it to the news and they posted pictures of her and even used the words "feared dead."

Thankfully, that news story was cleared up almost instantly as communications became clearer. It was mainly just a worried Mom desperately wanting to talk with her daughter after hearing of the fiancee's tragic situation.

So, I'm just wondering, would the rest of you have stopped to talk with her about it all?

(And yes, for those of you that went to school with me and are curious about who KH is, email me privately and I'll share her name.)

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Bloggin' Mommas @ Chick-Fil-A (where else??)

Look at this REALLY AWESOME (and gorgeous!) group of ladies! All bloggers, too!

We got together for a great time at one of the local CFAs and gabbed about blogs and online stuff like you wouldn't believe. Yes, we even talked about some of YOU who are reading this (but I'll never tell WHO!)

From left to right you have (not counting my David's eyeball) ME, Jen & her boy Luke, Cindy and son Jack, and Lisa with "unnamed Son." :)

Gals, I had a BLAST and wish the occasion wasn't so rare! I know our chillin' (that's CHILDREN to non-Southerners - which we have learned describes Lisa now!) had a good time!


HOMESCHOOLING starts on the 7th! We are getting sooooooo excited. Things are shaping up nicely and I can't wait to tell y'all all about it! But it will have to wait for now because Donnie is wanting me to cut his hair before church tomorrow.


Thursday, July 27, 2006

2 More Dreams & Pregnancy Things

I know that hearing about other people's dreams isn't the most exciting entertainment in the world but I really want to jot this down before I forget about it. Pregnancy dreams are very strange and can be easily forgotten. I know they don't necessarily mean anything but I wanted to make note of them anyway.

A couple of nights ago I dreamed I "met" two of the little Israeli girls that I taught during an education internship. One of the little girls was the inspiration for Shayne's name. Her name was "Chen" but was prounounced in a very Hebrew and throaty sort of way (let's see if I can spell this phonetically -- "Hchkren"). She was one of my favorite students and learned a decent amount of English from me. She spoke almost no English when she arrived and was very shy. Her Mother told me (because I was probably slaughtering her daughter's name) that it would be fine for me to use the English translation of her name which was "Shayne." She told me, "her name means 'beautiful.'" Well, I loved it...and got pregnant that quarter...and the rest is history.

Chen's best friend was actually my FAVORITE of the little Israeli students. Her name was Nir. She was very outgoing and even though she spoke very little English at first, she picked it up VERY quickly. Because she was so friendly, she was able to have lots of help from all the adults and even other small children (around 3-5 years of age). Nir was awesome and I have often wondered how she is doing today.

So, now that you have the background, I'll follow up on the dream. I was walking down a sidewalk and there was an outdoor cafe where an Israeli family was drinking coffee. Instantly I knew the two teenage girls were Nir and Chen! I began speaking with them and asking if they remembered me. I could tell they couldn't remember me specifically but they definitely remembered the time when we were all together in their preschool years. Nir was still the outgoing one and did most of the talking (although I have no idea what we talked about) and Chen quietly smiled and sipped coffee. I told her about naming my first born "Shayne" and she found it a little strange and embarrassing.

I guess I dreamed this because of all the turmoil with Israel now. I really have always wondered how things were going with these families. All the Israeli families were in our area for military training (and were all pretty high-ranking) and I'm sure they've been involved in this situation in some way. Wouldn't it be cool if I really could see them in real life someday?

Now, last night's dream. It was really odd. There was a shirt and tie on a hanger that I just "had" to get back to its rightful owner. I couldn't remember who it was but knew that this shirt & tie (with tags attached but on a hanger and not in a package) had something to do with a birth I had doula-ed in a local hospital. I was inspecting the shirt for clues and found two cell phones in the shirt pocket. One had a dead battery and the other was charged but a phone I had never seen before. I wanted to scroll through the recently dialed numbers to see if I could figure out who the owner was. I tried looking through the address book but the functions on the phone were bizarre and I couldn't make sense of any of the commands or buttons. I eventually found my OWN number in there but it was listed with my maiden name and old telephone number (from over 13 years ago).

Somehow I concluded the shirt belonged to an OB and I started panicking that he was going to be furious because of the length of time I had kept his shirt and phones. But then I started rationalizing that he must not have really cared because no one had called me about it nor had anyone called the cell phone in days.

That's really all I remember. Not a lot of entertainment for you but makes me glad to know that I have documented this as part of the oddities of pregnancy.


And to update you on the pregnancy -- all is well. I believe I am beginning to feel my uterus buldge forward a little bit. I am still ABLE to wear my jeans but have only worn them out of "need" and not comfort. They come off the minute I am back home. I have been wearing a couple of maternity tees from Motherhood and have been reminded that this is NOT the store for me. The clothes are cute enough but these XL maternity shirts fit me almost like most people wear their non-mat shirts. I mean that the length on them hits me at about the same place most non-preggos have their tee shirts hit them. The store is SO NOT for tall people. The shirts will do fine for a short while but as soon as my belly REALLY buldges, these will have to be passed on to someone else.

I pulled out a pair of maternity Levis I had saved from Hudson's pregnancy and they are not going to work. The style (only a little while back -- he's 3 ya know) when I wore them allowed for much fuller and longer shirts. Therefore the panel on the front of these jeans was always covered by the top. I am learning that the NEW styles of shirts are much shorter and tighter and would NEVER cover this ugly black panel. So, I guess I won't be wearing these after all (unless the winter styles bring some bigger, longer cuts of shirts). I also kept a pair of my FAVORITE black pants but I haven't found them yet. I know they are somewhere.

I dread shopping for maternity clothes. You think shopping for REGULAR tall-girl clothes is difficult? Multiply that times 20 and you'll get close to the difficulty level I face very soon.



First let me tell you about the "Archie Bunker" type-man at church who boldly asked me (before we were announcing the pregnancy,) "Are you putting on weight?"

Of course I told him he was terribly rude to ask such a thing but it didn't seem to bother him. (This is the same old man who once asked me if I was having my period since I had blemishes!) This guy drives me nuts but I think I'm the only person who actually converses with him. I guess I'll continue putting up with his callous remarks in hopes I can show him some better manners along the way.

This past Sunday brought an opposite situation. I actually had one of the college girls come up to me and ask, "Are you losing weight?" I laughed and told her my current status. She seemed truly shocked. I'm hoping she really did think I was looking trimmer and not just being nosey in a weird way.

Last night helped me accept her question, though. Another gal, who knew I was pregnant said, "You're looking thinner. How is that?"

SO I'm guessing that my improved nutrition and increase in Mannatech products during pregnancy has given me SOME SORT of positive appearance change. Of course, I've always just loved pregnancy so maybe it's all thanks to that "glow" people talk about? Whatever it is, I'm very thankful to the kind ladies who made my day. I know I'm on the verge of whaling out so I'll cling to these comments for as long as I can!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Even The Kids Get Excited

Simple pleasures.


We're getting some right now and it has brought such a joyful mood to the house. It's amazing how "absence makes the heart grow fonder."

Rain, Shayne's "Survivor Nachos" & "The Last Crusade" go together so well.

Hope you're getting some of the wet stuff at your house, too!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Cancer-Fightin' Protocol

Traditional protocols are struggling so new ones are being developed. This one explains an approach that uses a mushroom containing natural glyconutrients.

I'm so thankful that our family is taking advantage of glycos every day. We're getting ours from the company that was and is such a pioneer in Glycosciences that they are actually credited with coining the term "glyconutrients."

For Your Enjoyment On This Hot Day

Friday, July 14, 2006

Edited - Now I'm Just Talking About Myself

*THE FOLLOWING HAS BEEN EDITED* I originally griped about someone being annoying and then realized I was not being very patient with that person. I allowed my hormonal sensitivity to get me grumpy about something that should totally just roll off my back. Therefore, I've come back into this post and have snipped out the parts talking about someone else and have left just the part that gives evidence to my oddities. I've also expounded on some of what I was trying to say.

Edited post starts now:

There's not a huge similarity between the post I read at Jen's and my post but reading hers DID spark my memory and prompted me to write.

I have name-dropping issues of my own. Here's the temptations I had to fight just this week.

First, on a local broadcaster's blog (JD -- not THIS JD but some of you locals might know which "Madness" blog I'm talking about) I commented that I hope his daughter's All-Star team makes it all the way to the World Series! I then mentioned that my daughter was on the team that played (& defeated! although I didn't post that!) their team during 2 practice games. I wanted him to know we were rooting for them. And of course we REALLY are. Partly because there's a special pride that comes from knowing we were able to beat a team that is doing so well. But mainly, between me and Donnie, we know all of the coaches on their team and therefore, several of the players. Anyway, all is fine with the fact that I posted on the comments section of his blog but THEN...the next day...J's DAUGHTER comes to my class at VBS! It took EVERYTHING I had to not say something to her like, "Hey, I read your Dad's blog and commented on it just last night!" I'm sure it would have creeped her out.

I know. I'm warped. But I was able to control myself and even kept it quiet that the little girl had a well-known Dad. As far as I know, I was the only person who knew, other than the family that brought her. (Oh, and they didn't tell me who she was. I sadly recognized her instantly. I promise, I am NOT A STALKER! LOL)

THEN, today at lunch I saw SP from the same TV station. We're standing in line together at the ChickFA and some nearby kids started talking to her about her celebritism. Soon, those same children then recognized me from VBS and the little girl started hugging on me and kinda getting as excited about seeing ME as she was about seeing the TV personality. She then kinda opened the situation by saying, "Did you see HER!?" and pointed to sweet SP.

So WHAT GOES THROUGH MY CRAZY MIND? I start thinking, "Should I introduce myself to this gal and let her know that I'm one of the ones she interviewed (and DID NOT AIR..hmph) at the Taylor Hicks Governor's Mansion Visit?" And THEN I think I could tell her, "Yeah, I'm one of Ryan's LINKS on his BLOG! I'm SURE you know OF me, right?"

I have totally lost it, haven't I?

Oh and then there's the fact that I told my parents to "say hey" to another fellow blogger that I read and have linked (but I won't say WHO since "the hey" didn't work out). I thought they might bump into him when they went to an event at this guy's church. Can you imagine my Mom saying, "Hi! We're Stacy's parents. You know, the Stacy that reads and comments on your blog?" CUCKOO!

Does the bloggin' community seem as tight to you as it does to me? I mean, I almost weirded out a couple of people this week because of the friendships that have developed through blogging. Please tell me I'm not TOO weird.

Would you 'say hey' to a blogger that you read if you happened to bump into them in real life or would you keep it quiet and maintain an online-only relationship?

Ryan, was it weird for you the day I introduced myself when we met in person?

America's Got Talent?

Anyone watching this?

I really want to know opinions on this because I've not quite put all mine to words yet. It's definitely been entertaining (although I missed a few acts here and there) but I just don't know if I REALLY like it.

First, I enjoyed the Miller Brothers and the harmonica BUT I already sense this red-headed kid is a soon-to-be Danny Bonaducci. He's just way too big for his britches. And are we really sure he's an AWESOME harmonica player?? I think he's definitely good for his age but....I don't know... I just have some hesitance in being a real big fan yet.

Second, are "we", the American public, choosing a winner that is basically just the best at an ultimate talent show?? Or are we choosing someone that we hope to catapult into future opportunities to watch/hear them? For example...the little yodeling girl. She DOES amaze me (she learned how to yodel from a doggone INSTRUCTION VIDEO!) but I'm betting, and I don't know for sure of course, but I'm betting there are other girls her age who can yodel BETTER than her. Not many, but I'm betting some little girl out there is thinking, "Dang, I wish I had gone to that audition."

But back to the point of the contest. Are we voting for somone we'd like to see/hear again and again? Well if THAT is the case, it is NOT little Taylor, the yodeler. Good for now, and maybe good enough to win a talent contest but she is NOT Taylor Hicks. I would not go to a concert of hers, nor would I buy a CD or video of her.

She's cute as a button, though and I wish her well. I don't want anyone to think I dislike HER. I just don't think I can vote for her.

I did vote for the hunky clogging guys that were in the top 2 with her. I'd enjoy watching/hearing them again and again (and hearing their taps is a very big part of the enjoyment -- they're cute but not cute enough to get my vote if they sounded bad.) I was able to get in my maximum 10 votes within just a couple of minutes. Very different from voting on AI. Definitely less callers out there.

Any other watchers with comments?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Today's Ultrasound


It's just one baby :)

He/she is BEAUTIFUL! Measured at 9 weeks instead of 8 but I'm sticking with 8.

This picture is, of course, not OUR child but a neat view of what an 8 week old baby looks like.

I still get waves of "WOW....there's another baby inside of me!"

Monday, July 10, 2006

Let's Get One Thing Straight

Anyone see the story on the Today Show last week called, "Three Is The New Two?"

I can't find the link on the TS website either. Sorry.

Anyway, it basically said that as young couples are doing better off financially that the trend for a "complete" family has begun to shift from 2 children to 3. It also went on to say that children were becoming the new "must-have" for affluent families to show off how well they were doing. In the same breath, it was said that more children meant nannies and housekeepers.


I just want to get one thing straight with y'all. Anyone who thinks our 5th child is a way for us to show off some bling has a serious misunderstanding of where we come from.

Please note that although we have a house that is a pretty decent size does NOT mean that we are upper-anything. It just means that we bust out of the seams in anything smaller and that God provided an incredible deal for us when we were house-hunting.

I recently spoke with a girl who lives in our neighborhood and when she found out we were having another baby she said, "You know, if we could afford more children, I'd probably have at least one more."

So, even though she didn't SAY it, the implication was that WE could afford more children than her. Again, I say HA. I know that this particular family's (two-parent) income is probably a good deal more than ours and that they definitely have more play-pretties and fun things than we do (we see them whizzing by on their golf carts in the evenings.) Now, this is a very sweet family and I don't mean anything negative in any's just that obviously the perception is that children are something you pay extra for AFTER you get all the fun stuff you want first.

Well, that's not the case with us. We live TIGHT budgets and our big house is filled with hand-me-down furniture and gifts and the rare cash-only clearance decorative items. We have items on the wall that were purchased at yard sales and all other walls are bare. Even our nice portraits were bartered with website design services. Our vacations are minimal and when they do occur, are heavily financed by grandparents and much saving. Our shopping is for necessities and rarely nice-ities (sp?). Our out-to-eat extravagances are at the Mexican restaurant on "kids-eat-free" night.

So PLEASE don't be one that mistakes us for Hollywood-styled family growth. Our children are not our jewelry. They are a gift from the LORD and we will continue to trust God to provide for them and us.

Psalm 127 (NLT)
Unless the LORD builds a house,
the work of the builders is useless.
Unless the LORD protects a city,
guarding it with sentries will do no good.
It is useless for you to work so hard
from early morning until late at night,
anxiously working for food to eat;
for God gives rest to his loved ones.

Children are a gift from the LORD;
they are a reward from him.

Children born to a young man
are like sharp arrows in a warrior's hands.

How happy is the man whose quiver is full of them!
He will not be put to shame when he confronts his accusers at the city gates.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

So Long, So Long, So Long...and THANKS FOR ALL THE FISH

Summer Tip: Do not rent, borrow, or steal Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy.

I thought I could be relatively tolerant of and possibly even enjoy something that apparently odd-ball, intellectual types have enjoyed in book series and on BBC. I'm thinking it might be a little Monty Python-ish or something. Well, it is soooooo not that. The rare chuckles were not worth the time we spent gathered around the boob tube.

Highlights: Yarn doll puking string and catchy Dolphin Song (I titled this entry with the chorus of that song.)

Anyone else out there seen this horrid film?