Friday, July 14, 2006

Edited - Now I'm Just Talking About Myself

*THE FOLLOWING HAS BEEN EDITED* I originally griped about someone being annoying and then realized I was not being very patient with that person. I allowed my hormonal sensitivity to get me grumpy about something that should totally just roll off my back. Therefore, I've come back into this post and have snipped out the parts talking about someone else and have left just the part that gives evidence to my oddities. I've also expounded on some of what I was trying to say.

Edited post starts now:

There's not a huge similarity between the post I read at Jen's and my post but reading hers DID spark my memory and prompted me to write.

I have name-dropping issues of my own. Here's the temptations I had to fight just this week.

First, on a local broadcaster's blog (JD -- not THIS JD but some of you locals might know which "Madness" blog I'm talking about) I commented that I hope his daughter's All-Star team makes it all the way to the World Series! I then mentioned that my daughter was on the team that played (& defeated! although I didn't post that!) their team during 2 practice games. I wanted him to know we were rooting for them. And of course we REALLY are. Partly because there's a special pride that comes from knowing we were able to beat a team that is doing so well. But mainly, between me and Donnie, we know all of the coaches on their team and therefore, several of the players. Anyway, all is fine with the fact that I posted on the comments section of his blog but THEN...the next day...J's DAUGHTER comes to my class at VBS! It took EVERYTHING I had to not say something to her like, "Hey, I read your Dad's blog and commented on it just last night!" I'm sure it would have creeped her out.

I know. I'm warped. But I was able to control myself and even kept it quiet that the little girl had a well-known Dad. As far as I know, I was the only person who knew, other than the family that brought her. (Oh, and they didn't tell me who she was. I sadly recognized her instantly. I promise, I am NOT A STALKER! LOL)

THEN, today at lunch I saw SP from the same TV station. We're standing in line together at the ChickFA and some nearby kids started talking to her about her celebritism. Soon, those same children then recognized me from VBS and the little girl started hugging on me and kinda getting as excited about seeing ME as she was about seeing the TV personality. She then kinda opened the situation by saying, "Did you see HER!?" and pointed to sweet SP.

So WHAT GOES THROUGH MY CRAZY MIND? I start thinking, "Should I introduce myself to this gal and let her know that I'm one of the ones she interviewed (and DID NOT AIR..hmph) at the Taylor Hicks Governor's Mansion Visit?" And THEN I think I could tell her, "Yeah, I'm one of Ryan's LINKS on his BLOG! I'm SURE you know OF me, right?"

I have totally lost it, haven't I?

Oh and then there's the fact that I told my parents to "say hey" to another fellow blogger that I read and have linked (but I won't say WHO since "the hey" didn't work out). I thought they might bump into him when they went to an event at this guy's church. Can you imagine my Mom saying, "Hi! We're Stacy's parents. You know, the Stacy that reads and comments on your blog?" CUCKOO!

Does the bloggin' community seem as tight to you as it does to me? I mean, I almost weirded out a couple of people this week because of the friendships that have developed through blogging. Please tell me I'm not TOO weird.

Would you 'say hey' to a blogger that you read if you happened to bump into them in real life or would you keep it quiet and maintain an online-only relationship?

Ryan, was it weird for you the day I introduced myself when we met in person?


Anonymous said...

When I was pregnant - everything bothered me more too :)

Jen said...

I know who JS is, but who is SP???

Lisa said...

One time I did see an "blogger" that I was reading, who lives in my area. I knew I knew her from somewhere, but couldn't figure out where. And by the time I put it all together as to who she was, she had disappeared into a store. I thought it would weird her out if I tracked her down and said, "Hey, I know you!" But then again that was several years ago, when online journals were the rage and blogs weren't even around yet, let alone as mainstream as they are now. I don't even think there were comments back then. ??? So I never emailed her to say "Hey I sas you at the mall" because I thought that would be even creepier!!

Anyway, if it were to happen today, I think I'd say hi. The whole online thing just isn't weird like it used to be...

Ryan said...

I didn't think it was weird at all. I actually thought it was kind of cool when I saw you at the station. You WOULD be a weirdo if you had not actually been with the group you were touring with!!! LOL

I only get weirded out by weird people... As crazy as you think you are, you're not one of the "Weirdos"! LOL

I actually like it when "normal" people come up and chat!


Ryan said...

By the way... email me what the original post was about! You've got me wondering!!!

J.D. said...

Stacy, if your mom ever said hi to me in church, I'd be okay with it :)

I used to work at a television station, and I've seen news me, you're not on that level yet.