Friday, July 14, 2006

America's Got Talent?

Anyone watching this?

I really want to know opinions on this because I've not quite put all mine to words yet. It's definitely been entertaining (although I missed a few acts here and there) but I just don't know if I REALLY like it.

First, I enjoyed the Miller Brothers and the harmonica BUT I already sense this red-headed kid is a soon-to-be Danny Bonaducci. He's just way too big for his britches. And are we really sure he's an AWESOME harmonica player?? I think he's definitely good for his age but....I don't know... I just have some hesitance in being a real big fan yet.

Second, are "we", the American public, choosing a winner that is basically just the best at an ultimate talent show?? Or are we choosing someone that we hope to catapult into future opportunities to watch/hear them? For example...the little yodeling girl. She DOES amaze me (she learned how to yodel from a doggone INSTRUCTION VIDEO!) but I'm betting, and I don't know for sure of course, but I'm betting there are other girls her age who can yodel BETTER than her. Not many, but I'm betting some little girl out there is thinking, "Dang, I wish I had gone to that audition."

But back to the point of the contest. Are we voting for somone we'd like to see/hear again and again? Well if THAT is the case, it is NOT little Taylor, the yodeler. Good for now, and maybe good enough to win a talent contest but she is NOT Taylor Hicks. I would not go to a concert of hers, nor would I buy a CD or video of her.

She's cute as a button, though and I wish her well. I don't want anyone to think I dislike HER. I just don't think I can vote for her.

I did vote for the hunky clogging guys that were in the top 2 with her. I'd enjoy watching/hearing them again and again (and hearing their taps is a very big part of the enjoyment -- they're cute but not cute enough to get my vote if they sounded bad.) I was able to get in my maximum 10 votes within just a couple of minutes. Very different from voting on AI. Definitely less callers out there.

Any other watchers with comments?


Jen said...

We are watching, but know that if it wasn't summer we wouldn't be watching. The judges really bother me. All three of them, but especially the "Hoff". He really disturbs me.

Anonymous said...

We've been watching too and the sleeveless cloggers were definately my favorite. It's a strange show and we're not voting, just watching it cause it's there.