Wednesday, July 05, 2006

So Long, So Long, So Long...and THANKS FOR ALL THE FISH

Summer Tip: Do not rent, borrow, or steal Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy.

I thought I could be relatively tolerant of and possibly even enjoy something that apparently odd-ball, intellectual types have enjoyed in book series and on BBC. I'm thinking it might be a little Monty Python-ish or something. Well, it is soooooo not that. The rare chuckles were not worth the time we spent gathered around the boob tube.

Highlights: Yarn doll puking string and catchy Dolphin Song (I titled this entry with the chorus of that song.)

Anyone else out there seen this horrid film?


J.D. said...

I own it, and I like it :)

The BBC series was better, though, and the books are absolutely hysterical. Compared to the books, the movie is absolute tripe.

I think the yarn doll puking string wasn't in the books.

Definitely read the books. You'll thank me for it later.

A Friend said...

This made me laugh--why in the world would you rent this? Those books are so not you guys!

Stacy said...

You know, JD...knowing that people LIKE YOU like it make me think that there was a chance WE would like it. But...


Jen, we were just clueless about it all. I didn't even know the books were relatively well-known.

Oh, JD (cover your eyes, Jen)...I don't read books, so don't count on me thanking you later.

J.D. said...

*blink*blink* don't read books??? huh??? what the????

super don said...

My wife can't read. She gets through 2-3 pages, and calls it quits.

Stacy said...

I READ but not entire books and certainly not for entertainment. I read to gain information. When I get the info I need, I quit.

Reading fictional books for "fun" is very difficult for me.

Dennis said...

Ack! I'm a huge fan of the The Hitchhiker's Guide books -- Douglas Adams pushed the English language to its limits and kept on pushing -- but the movie was horrible on every level. An absolute abomination, in point of fact.

I have to agrew with Jen, though: What in the world were you thinking?! :P