Monday, May 31, 2004

Feff Going Home

Hallelujah! Feff is going home tomorrow! He's rooming in with Uma and Arthur tonight and is totally unattached to monitors or IVs!

Poor fella is being circumcised tomorrow, though :(

He-Man is in my lap again. He's not asleep yet but probably will be soon.

I'm liking this blog thing. It is easier than diaryland.

I hope I can find some readers through the site itself. Anyone out there find me on their own???

May call the pastor of EBC and arrange a meeting this week. Need to compile some questions and figure out what we want to tell him about how weird we are. Sure would like to find a Southern Baptist Church where my calling to minister to parents and help guide them in wellness is accepted and desired. Would love to be ministered to by a family that is already following the Lord and worshiping Him through faith and natural lifestyle.

Who's Who

Stacy - That's me, the writer, and the only real name in the blog. I live with my family in Bridgeport, AL.

Henry - My hubby since 1993. He's awesome for supporting our family in such a Christ-like way. WE LOVE YOU HENRY!

Ray - My precious firstborn. A daughter born in 1996. She is the child who had to deal with some of my most regrettable parenting trials & errors. Thankfully, she's turned out to be an amazing young lady, despite my mistakes. She even forgives me for my downfalls! She's super-smart and sometimes an over-thinker. She is already a great chef and wants her own cooking show one day! I wouldn't be able to run this growing household without her help. She is graciously entering the pre-teen years and makes me very proud. She wants to glorify God in all she does. Even though she struggles with this, like we all do, she is leaps and bounds ahead of where I was at her age.

Indie - My 2nd daughter that made me think we were going to experience what it was like to have a son, even if we never hqd any more children. She was much more active than Ray, even as a newborn (born 1998.) Today, they are definitely still very different, but Indie is just as amazing and beautiful as her big sister and also seeks to glorify the Lord. This is the only child I consistently hear people say, "She looks just like you, Stacy!" I think this little girl will one day give me lots of grandchildren :) and is a huge help around the house, always willing to help with her little brothers.

Rocky - My first son! I just THOUGHT Indie was active but having a REAL BOY is very different from having an active girl! This is one smart cookie and has impressed us with his brains from very early in life. He was born in 2000 and is an awesome 2nd-in-charge man-of-the-house. We lovingly call him the computer geek but that doesn't mean he is sitting around the house getting fat. Yes, he LOVES his nintendo and computer games but he's also a lover of the great outdoors. He loves playing on the trampoline and is a very valuable t-ball player. He loves games of all kinds whether it's a Where's Waldo book or a game of touch football in the backyard. Video games and board games are just as entertaining as obstacle courses created in the back yard. He's got a brilliant sense of humor and remembers TV and movie quotes just about as good as his Daddy. He also enjoys reading (when we convince him he needs to take the time to do it) and is a Sunday School teacher's favorite student on the days he is in the mood for raising his hand and answering the questions they ask. He remembers the Bible stories better than I do sometimes and knows all the books of the Bible in order. I know God has big things in store for Rocky!

He-Man - This son is absolutely adorable and gets lots of attention drawn to him everywhere we go. We were having perfect strangers stopping us in stores saying "He looks like a Kewpie doll" way back when he was born in 2003. Not only do Henry and I get to beam about how cute he is, we also get to forget humility when people find out and tell us how smart he is. Of course we believe he is perfecty handsome and brilliant but we're most excited about the awesome potential he has for doing mighty things in God's kingdom.

Captain - Our newest fella was born in February of 2007. He is a precious gift from God and we are so thankful! He is quite popular with the bigger siblings and rarely has a moment when someone isn't holding him. We have lots of discussions about who he looks like but we've pretty much concluded that he's his own man. We already know he's gorgeous and smart so if our beliefs do anything to shape this child, he has great days ahead of him!

The Gardeners - My parents who live in Butterville, AL, where I grew up.

The Trippes - Henry's parents who also live in Butterville.

Uma - My sister in Cowtown.

Arthur - My brother-in-law, Uma's hubby.

Leland - My eldest nephew and Rocky's best buddy. Uma's & Arthur's son, also born in the year 2000.

Feff - Uma & Arthur's youngest little blessing, born & monumentally prayed for in 2004.

Farnsworth - Henry's oldest sister, living in Vegas, AL.

King Cole - Farnsworth's hubby.

Brosnan - My middle nephew, Farnsworth's & King Cole's son, also born in 2004.

Lou - Henry's youngest sister, living in Butterville.