Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Back Into The Sling Of Things

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This pic was taken on the first day Jack and I were left home alone. The sling was really mandatory at 1 week old! Of course, I really didn't do much while Henry & the big kids were gone but I was able to unload and re-load the dishwasher!

Now, at 2 weeks old, the sling isn't as mandatory at home but it's been 100% necessary when have gotten out a couple of times. Today was Captain's pediatric checkup (weighs 8lbs 8oz!! Go Manna Milk! LOL) and then we went to the chiropractor. He got his first adjustment (yay!) and I got a MUCH-needed realignment. My body was feeling a little wonky (one leg felt longer than the other) but now I'm feeling great! And what a GORGEOUS day for us to be getting out!

The other kids were adjusted as well and now we're hanging out at my Mom's in between goings. We'll be taking Ray to Home-Ec in just a bit.

But after all this going today, I am looking forward to several days in a row at home. In fact, I'm HOPING that my days at home will allow us to get my van in the shop (after months of attempting this) for a new front-fender paint job. It is very difficult to find a 2 or 3 day stretch when I don't need my van. The best days for it (the week of Captain's birth) were not cooperating weather-wise (too cold) so we couldn't get it done, then. Really hoping it will work out for this week.

I know this is a rather boring and non-specific and somewhat erratic entry but I feel so FREE sitting here at a computer desk without a baby in my arms and I just can't make myself quit typing! :) Don't get me wrong...I really do love nuzzling with my baby all day but I definitely have missed my email & blogging time!

One last thing - I started attending a women's Bible study in the neighborhood on Monday nights. There I met another nursing Mom who is SO sweet and who was actually the spark that even got me KNOWING there was a Bible study in the neighbhorhood! It turns out that she knew of me through Jen's blog and somehow through all of the friends-of-friends thing, she got the CORRECT impression that I might be someone who would like to attend the study. She told the hostess that she thought I might be interested and then got in touch with me about it! It turns out that I was so desperately wanting a close-to-home small group study that I had already been calling area churches to see if they offered evening classes! This is absolutely better than going to any of the churches I called because I can WALK to the study, I can take my nursling, and I am getting to know NEIGHBORS! And they're all so cool!

So, THANK YOU TO Jen, Chris, and "J" for getting me connected!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me

33 years of blessings have lead to this amazing place in my life. I couldn't ask for anything more!
From February Blog
Thank you, God!

Ray's Version

I am asking the kids to write about Captain's birth day for the blog. Here's Ray's version:
From February Blog

It was around 7:30 A.M. when I heard something moving around in the bunk-bed below me. I looked down and I saw my cousin’s curly hair and I asked my Aunt Farnsworth, “What are you doing here?” And she said that today was the day that Captain will be born, but sadly, he wasn’t born in the morning. Actually, it was nine hours later until we heard a wonderful cry from a little baby boy. We spent most of the time in the living room while Mom was doing exercises on her birth ball. She went on a walk while everyone else, including the midwife, were trying to see the 3-D pictures in the MAGIC EYE book. Every one was saying to themselves, “Oh, when will Captain be born?!” We also tried to waste time by thinking about the color of his eyes and hair. We had a photographer come over and take pictures of Mom and everyone else helping her and getting ready for the baby. When Momma started groaning a couple of hours later, I was thinking, “What if she doesn’t have Captain in the next hour or so. Hopefully it isn’t going to be tomorrow!” But thankfully, it wasn’t. He-Man did very well in my opinion during all of the noise. A couple of times I had to remind him, “Everything is okay.” He-Man sat in my lap most of the time. And when Captain was finally born, I bet he forgot the whole yelling thing that Mom did. Captain will be one week old tomorrow, and he has already smiled his first smile. Indie and I are big helpers to Mom by watching him when she takes her shower or when she brushes her teeth. We also help pick out the clothes that he would be wearing that day. I am glad that Captain is another member of our family, because the more kids, the better!

Funny Pic

Farnsworth just emailed this to me. Isn't it funny?
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Monday, February 19, 2007


No, that doesn't mean anyone is showing their backside :) It's actually just the Mommy/baby equivalent to the honeymooning phase of a married couple.

Captain and I are being lazy in bed and are spending as many moments as possible touching each other. I miss the sweet boy whenever someone else is holding him. I just love spending long stretches of time staring into his sweet face. I love being the one that makes him happy. I love that my face is the first he sees whenever he wakes in the morning. I love that my face brought a smile to his today!

Henry and the big kids have been so awesome about letting us sleep in yesterday and today. They would close the door and just let us nest in the bed together. Sure they come in and share some bonding time with us on a pretty regular basis, and that's very important, too but there's just nothing like this one-on-one time Captain and I are having.

It goes all too quickly. I am trying to soak up every precious moment that I can.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Today - Our Little Valentine

Can't type much w/ 1 hand so I will reply to everyone later.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Captain was born yesterday afternoon, February 13, at 4:27pm. Contractions woke me up at 5:00 AM but were kinda off and on all day. In fact, at 2:30 PM, Henry and I were out walking the dog for a little while trying to get things REALLY going. I think I had 3 contractions on the walk but felt a little defeated wishing things would hurry up. At 3:15ish, I had a MEGA-contraction. And from that point on, they didn't stop. I'm SOOOO glad he's here (and labor is done! WHEW! Those fast ones are doozies!)

Ain't he darling?

He weighed 7lbs, 14oz, our smallest by far! (Ray was 9lbs 1oz, Indie was 8lbs 10oz, Rocky was 9lbs 8oz, He-Man was 9lbs 7oz!) He was 20 1/4 inches long. He's nursing great and hardly makes a peep! I'm doing great, too and am just so thankful for the blessings God bestows on our family.

Y'all will have more pictures than you care to see in the near future but here's a few from yesterday.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Nothing To See Here

No. No baby. No labor. No signs of labor. Just waiting.


It is amazing how illogical I can be when I am on the receiving end of the waiting game. It always made perfect sense for me to encourage Moms who were still a week away from their due date when I was a doula but there's something about the readiness to see your OWN child that makes all the waiting seem excrutiating.

We went to the mall today to take a walk. It was decided to be a stupid idea and didn't last an entire corridor. WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE! It was unbelievable. No more Saturday mall trips for me. I'll stick to my morning/early afternoon weekday trips from now on. Where do these people come from??

And not that anyone cares or has even noticed, but I'm enjoying my thick, luxurious hair. You might have heard the old wives' tale that your hair grows thicker during pregnancy but that's not exactly what happens. In actuality, a shift in hormones just stops you from SHEDDING. This hair-retention is an illusion of growing thicker hair. And it only started happening for me about a month or so ago. Normally, I shed BIG time. Wads of hair in the shower after a wash, wads of hair in the brush after a groom, wads of hair on the counter after a blow-dry, wads of hair on my clothes from the course of the day... And all of that has STOPPED! I love it! And in the last couple of days I've enjoyed the feeling of the thick hair. It reminds me of my youth :) Ah....the days when a ponytail holder struggled to hold up my mane...I can almost feel those big marbles snapping their rubberbands and injuring my fingernails... Even though my hair isn't THAT thick, I do like the way it feels on my shoulders and back.

I dread the idea of the mega-shed that will occur in a few months. It will be miserable.

Pray for labor after 3:00 Sunday afternoon. That's when Henry will be singing at my great-uncle's funeral and THEN we will be ready for this baby to make his appearance.

I've never been past my due date before so the probability of us having a baby this week is pretty good! Isn't that exciting? :)

Monday, February 05, 2007

If You Are Pregnant And Don't Have A Chiro...

Shame on you!

Today's chiro visit focused on getting baby in good position, instead of focusing on my own spine, although the two go hand-in-hand. After a few little adjustments I feel amazingly better! My right cheek (sciatic nerve) is no longer a pain issue and my belly button is poking out again! I think little Captain is in a much better position now than even after my earlier morning exercises. I feel goooooood!

We'll continue working on positioning until birth but I have to tell you pregos... Get yourself a chiro to take care of you! You'll thank me later!

Lord, No More Please...

No, I'm not complaining about the number of children I have or even the number of days I have left in this pregnancy. Instead, I'm begging God to let me done with Walmart for a long while. I'm hoping that I have everything I need to get us through meals from now until Captain's arrival. Anything else (toilet paper, toothpaste etc.) can be picked up by Henry or someone else. And hopefully, I can wiggle my way out of doing the first post-Captain shopping trip with Henry being off work for a little while.

We're still in waiting mode. Less than two weeks left, though! It's so hard to believe! But I am ready. I have pretty much done everything that just HAD to be done. There are a couple of issues still on the horizon (a dinner date with friends and "shopping night" for workers of the consignment sale -- we shop early without the crowds and before things get picked over...) but I'm mostly where I can have the baby without worrying too much about other responsibilities.

A fear of a posterior-positioned baby was put to ease a little bit today. After a position check by my lovely caregiver, it was confirmed that he's not truly posterior (facing my belly button instead of my back.) His backbone is slightly farther to the left (from my vantage point) of my belly button than "perfect" but it's certainly nothing to be fretting over. We were still able to hear his heartbeat through his back without a problem. True posterior babes are hard to find a heartbeat because their backs are so far away from Mom's belly.

So we worked on a couple of exercises to influence an even better position and it seemed to have already helped. I also scheduled an extra chiropractor appointment for this afternoon to continue with what we're working on. We want him to be JUST RIGHT for that time when he decides he's not moving any more -- except to come out. (Indie was a posterior labor and birth and they are NOT fun!)

I'm working on quarterly reports (due soon) for homeschooling stuff and I'm getting some gifts documented so I can get started on Thank You notes. Y'all, I have some of THE BEST FRIENDS IN THE WHOLE WORLD! Cloth diapers and PLUS...goodness...who could ask for more?? LOL! OH, and my sister gave us a Captain Jack Sparrow keychain and my best friend S gave him an incredible blue baseball t-shirt that says "Carribbean Pirates" on the front and "Sparrow" with the number "1" on the back!! I couldn't believe she found it! We also got a diaper bag and a baby book, two things I needed that I only remembered recently! And then I have the dear friends and family who believe so sweetly that Captain should have at least SOME clothes that aren't hand-me-downs nd they totally set him up for being a sharp-dressed-man!

Did y'all know this past weekend was a full moon? I'm SO glad I didn't! I'd have been thinking about it entirely too much and probably wouldn't have gotten anything accomplished :)