Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Back Into The Sling Of Things

From February Blog
This pic was taken on the first day Jack and I were left home alone. The sling was really mandatory at 1 week old! Of course, I really didn't do much while Henry & the big kids were gone but I was able to unload and re-load the dishwasher!

Now, at 2 weeks old, the sling isn't as mandatory at home but it's been 100% necessary when have gotten out a couple of times. Today was Captain's pediatric checkup (weighs 8lbs 8oz!! Go Manna Milk! LOL) and then we went to the chiropractor. He got his first adjustment (yay!) and I got a MUCH-needed realignment. My body was feeling a little wonky (one leg felt longer than the other) but now I'm feeling great! And what a GORGEOUS day for us to be getting out!

The other kids were adjusted as well and now we're hanging out at my Mom's in between goings. We'll be taking Ray to Home-Ec in just a bit.

But after all this going today, I am looking forward to several days in a row at home. In fact, I'm HOPING that my days at home will allow us to get my van in the shop (after months of attempting this) for a new front-fender paint job. It is very difficult to find a 2 or 3 day stretch when I don't need my van. The best days for it (the week of Captain's birth) were not cooperating weather-wise (too cold) so we couldn't get it done, then. Really hoping it will work out for this week.

I know this is a rather boring and non-specific and somewhat erratic entry but I feel so FREE sitting here at a computer desk without a baby in my arms and I just can't make myself quit typing! :) Don't get me wrong...I really do love nuzzling with my baby all day but I definitely have missed my email & blogging time!

One last thing - I started attending a women's Bible study in the neighborhood on Monday nights. There I met another nursing Mom who is SO sweet and who was actually the spark that even got me KNOWING there was a Bible study in the neighbhorhood! It turns out that she knew of me through Jen's blog and somehow through all of the friends-of-friends thing, she got the CORRECT impression that I might be someone who would like to attend the study. She told the hostess that she thought I might be interested and then got in touch with me about it! It turns out that I was so desperately wanting a close-to-home small group study that I had already been calling area churches to see if they offered evening classes! This is absolutely better than going to any of the churches I called because I can WALK to the study, I can take my nursling, and I am getting to know NEIGHBORS! And they're all so cool!

So, THANK YOU TO Jen, Chris, and "J" for getting me connected!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Stacy,
how are things going with New Baby Jack? and Home schooling at the same time?
Email me sometime when you get a spare moment. ;-)
If you do not have my email address get it from Jen.

Jen said...

That's wild. It's a small small world!

Amy said...

Hey I just recognized your ad in the M. Parents magazine. I thought "Glyco-Family" sounds familiar. I just had to come visit your site again and tell you. I live close to you. My mom lives in your city and I live about 30 min. Since this is all online I'm being careful about city names. Congrats on your newest little one. It feels like such a small world after all. Congrats also on your home birth. I would love to have a home birth next time but my Hubby and mom are really against it. At least I had a doula last time who helped me to have a natural birth!!!!


~CRYSTAL~ said...

I love to see Mommy's wearing those slings.
And how cool to find a new Bible Study. And even cooler how you learned about it. Isn't blogging awesome?

Anonymous said...

captain's name is still on the picture - I love reading your blog

Chantelle from Canada