Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ray's Version

I am asking the kids to write about Captain's birth day for the blog. Here's Ray's version:
From February Blog

It was around 7:30 A.M. when I heard something moving around in the bunk-bed below me. I looked down and I saw my cousin’s curly hair and I asked my Aunt Farnsworth, “What are you doing here?” And she said that today was the day that Captain will be born, but sadly, he wasn’t born in the morning. Actually, it was nine hours later until we heard a wonderful cry from a little baby boy. We spent most of the time in the living room while Mom was doing exercises on her birth ball. She went on a walk while everyone else, including the midwife, were trying to see the 3-D pictures in the MAGIC EYE book. Every one was saying to themselves, “Oh, when will Captain be born?!” We also tried to waste time by thinking about the color of his eyes and hair. We had a photographer come over and take pictures of Mom and everyone else helping her and getting ready for the baby. When Momma started groaning a couple of hours later, I was thinking, “What if she doesn’t have Captain in the next hour or so. Hopefully it isn’t going to be tomorrow!” But thankfully, it wasn’t. He-Man did very well in my opinion during all of the noise. A couple of times I had to remind him, “Everything is okay.” He-Man sat in my lap most of the time. And when Captain was finally born, I bet he forgot the whole yelling thing that Mom did. Captain will be one week old tomorrow, and he has already smiled his first smile. Indie and I are big helpers to Mom by watching him when she takes her shower or when she brushes her teeth. We also help pick out the clothes that he would be wearing that day. I am glad that Captain is another member of our family, because the more kids, the better!

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