Saturday, February 10, 2007

Nothing To See Here

No. No baby. No labor. No signs of labor. Just waiting.


It is amazing how illogical I can be when I am on the receiving end of the waiting game. It always made perfect sense for me to encourage Moms who were still a week away from their due date when I was a doula but there's something about the readiness to see your OWN child that makes all the waiting seem excrutiating.

We went to the mall today to take a walk. It was decided to be a stupid idea and didn't last an entire corridor. WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE! It was unbelievable. No more Saturday mall trips for me. I'll stick to my morning/early afternoon weekday trips from now on. Where do these people come from??

And not that anyone cares or has even noticed, but I'm enjoying my thick, luxurious hair. You might have heard the old wives' tale that your hair grows thicker during pregnancy but that's not exactly what happens. In actuality, a shift in hormones just stops you from SHEDDING. This hair-retention is an illusion of growing thicker hair. And it only started happening for me about a month or so ago. Normally, I shed BIG time. Wads of hair in the shower after a wash, wads of hair in the brush after a groom, wads of hair on the counter after a blow-dry, wads of hair on my clothes from the course of the day... And all of that has STOPPED! I love it! And in the last couple of days I've enjoyed the feeling of the thick hair. It reminds me of my youth :) Ah....the days when a ponytail holder struggled to hold up my mane...I can almost feel those big marbles snapping their rubberbands and injuring my fingernails... Even though my hair isn't THAT thick, I do like the way it feels on my shoulders and back.

I dread the idea of the mega-shed that will occur in a few months. It will be miserable.

Pray for labor after 3:00 Sunday afternoon. That's when Henry will be singing at my great-uncle's funeral and THEN we will be ready for this baby to make his appearance.

I've never been past my due date before so the probability of us having a baby this week is pretty good! Isn't that exciting? :)


Jen said...

I'll be thinking of you!!!

Anonymous said...

You mean my hair will actually thin out when I get as old as you?!?!? Yippee!!!! Seriously, I can't imagine a day when I will long for thicker hair... I think I got that from dad. I could definitely deal without all the shedding because it makes such a mess all over the house but I have found that motherhood/adulthood has lead to massively, ridiculously thick Janis Joplin hair.

By the way, have you checked out my friend Emily's blog? She frequently writes/complains about her ongoing massive shedding.(

Call us when Jack gets here!

michellemitch said...

praying for you!

Stacy said...

I don't know've already reached the age when I started shedding so much hair so I can't say there's a lot of hope in that department.

And I'm not really saying that I LONG for thicker hair (because I always remind my haircut gal to go strong with those thinning shears and to layer, layer, layer) but I AM realizing the nice difference in the quality (?) of my hair these last few months now that it's not shedding. It just feels good :)

Even my frequently-shedding hair gets too long and out-of-control (about 12 months after my previous haircut) and I start to call it "Cathy Triangle Hair" (like the comic strip) but I have felt the Janis Joplin pain before, too. In fact, do you remember the lady that Mom used to take us to for haircuts (also named Cathy, I believe!)? She actually parted my hair down the middle, brushed it out, and started laughing saying, "You look like Janis Joplin!" I had no idea who JJ was at the time and held on to that memory until the day I finally saw a picture of her. I'm glad I didn't know when I was sitting in the chair or I might have had my feelings hurt :(

I have looked at Emily's blog but I need to bookmark it so I remember to check it out more often.

Lisa said...

You've NEVER been past your due date!?!?!? Pfft.


Thinking of you and can't wait to hear all about everything!!!

Anonymous said...

Funny stuff... yes I remember Cathy.

And hey, I never made it to my due date at all! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, when you're not busy you need to update your blog... HA HA!

Anonymous said...

Do we have any news yet??