Monday, February 19, 2007


No, that doesn't mean anyone is showing their backside :) It's actually just the Mommy/baby equivalent to the honeymooning phase of a married couple.

Captain and I are being lazy in bed and are spending as many moments as possible touching each other. I miss the sweet boy whenever someone else is holding him. I just love spending long stretches of time staring into his sweet face. I love being the one that makes him happy. I love that my face is the first he sees whenever he wakes in the morning. I love that my face brought a smile to his today!

Henry and the big kids have been so awesome about letting us sleep in yesterday and today. They would close the door and just let us nest in the bed together. Sure they come in and share some bonding time with us on a pretty regular basis, and that's very important, too but there's just nothing like this one-on-one time Captain and I are having.

It goes all too quickly. I am trying to soak up every precious moment that I can.

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Jen said...

He looks exactly like Donnie in this pic!

michellemitch said...

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday! Hope it's a great one!

Lisa said...

Your post just made me all misty!!! That's what I'm most excited about, when we have another baby one of these days, soaking up all the newbornness that I can. Enjoy!! He's such a cutie!!