Sunday, February 20, 2005


I KNOOOOW that I'm not the most dependable person in the world and I've done my fair share of optimistic planning only to not be able to follow through but after this week, I'm going to work EVEN HARDER at not saying I'm going to do something if I don't know that I can.


I've been on the receiving end of no-shows.....or as the eBay world calls it.... "non-paying bidders."

3 out of 5 completed auctions I had listed on eBay turned into non-responding sales. 3 out of 5!!! I wanted to get this stuff OUT of my house ASAP and now I'm having to deal with stuff AND no money AND going through the eBay process to dispute the claims (eBay charges for listing the items and then charges a % of final bid. One of my items sold for over $100 so it's a significant charge for it!)

And then I sent out an email trying to sell some other things that were a little too good for regular old yard sale fodder and I had a couple of requests (commitments in my head) only to have those to fall through, too.


I'm truly not's been a really good day! In fact, it's my birthday :) I have forgotten this fact numerous times during the week and even a couple of times during the day. It's amazing how age has made me less focused on birthdays! I think I have confused Rocky pretty bad. I told the kids this was the year that I started going backwards in age and that I was 29 again. David believes me and tells everyone very matter-of-factly that I'm NOT 31!

Prayers are lifted for our house closings to go through smoothly tomorrow. I did post where they were postponed, right? Yeah, I think I did.

Prayers also for the numerous children I am hearing about these days with massive health challenges. 4 kids in particular who have cancer. There IS HOPE yet I don't have access to all 4 of these kids to tell them about it. I'm praying about approaching the family of 1 particular child, I've already approached another of the children's parents (to no avail) but 2 of the families are more distant (but local so I'm praying for an opportunity for me or another person to share with them.) I'm really wanting to start a local Manna Relief fund.... I don't have the time, that's for sure, so I'm praying someone who DOES have the time and desire will come forward.

Henry is ready to watch a little bit of our Malcolm In The Middle DVD box set. More later :)

Friday, February 18, 2005

I'm back.

But I ain't in a new house yet. Hmph.

Got a call today that closing must be postponed until Monday.



Getting over it.

Indie and Rocky are at Uma & Arthur's for a couple of days. Ray and He-Man are home with us. I hope Ray enjoys her quality time that she is looking for. Hope she doesn't get mad at me for putting her to work.

Back to being grumbly -- there is so much we were going to do at the new house this weekend....grrr.

I'm wearing my glasses again. Did I ever post that I got some? They had one REALLY bad lens that needed a new Rx. At first I was told to just 'keep wearing the glasses and you'll get used to them.'

Nope. They needed a new piece of glass for the right eye. I got it swapped and VOILA...I can see so much better!

I REALLY, REALLY hope there are some folks living close by us that would like to be an accountability/walking partner for me. I really want to get back to walking and I know I won't do it by myself.

Pray for no rain on Monday morning so that Andy's new parents can come get him and so that my yard sale won't turn into a living room sale.

OK. Goodnight.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

One last post before bedtime... Posted by Hello


No, that's not a typo for a title -- although I could totally write an entry about 'painting'. Truth is, I'm PANTING from all this stuff going on these days. Trying to move while life goes on is an exhausting experience. I actually have a teeny bit of HEARTBURN! I NEVER get heartburn....unless I'm pregnant and NO I AM NOT PREGNANT.

Anyway, there's just a bunch of stuff going on. Things are really good, though.

Stuff going on:
  • I'm taking Indie and Rocky to Uma & Arthur's tomorrow after school. They will stay there for a couple of days of playing. Ray wants to stick around and help with moving. She also has a bball game on Saturday morning so she needs to be here anyway.
  • We're closing on both houses Friday morning. (Kids are out of school for Teacher In-Service)
  • We'll start the moving process immediately afterwards. I will also begin removing wallpaper from the girls' NEW bedroom and kids' NEW bathroom in preparation for painting (Happy Birthday to me! I don't have to paint!!!)
  • I sold several things on eBay and need to work with buyers to get their stuff over the weekend. I'm worried about 2 buyers from out of state. I haven't heard from them about the auction ending yet and I'm concerned they might be no-shows. I've never had that happen before. I'm curious what will happen.... Anyone know?
  • Monday - I'm having a good, old-fashioned yard sale. Cleaning out tons of stuff!
  • Monday is also the day Andy will be moving to Alaska. Yes, you heard me right....Alaska. We will be meeting his new owners at a small non-towered airport for him to begin his new jet-setting life with a pair of aviation missionaries. He'll be flying most of the next 4 weeks! Isn't that wild? Long-story short (for those of you who haven't heard) -- Andy has just been too much of a puppy for us lately. We haven't had the time to continue with his housetraining and we're worried for him in the new house. We won't have a doggie door and we'd have to keep him locked up for fear of ruining furniture & carpet. I found this Mannatech couple of has promised he will continue to get his Ambrotose every day! We're going to miss him SO much!
  • Tuesday - our sweet painter (lady from church) will start working on the girls' room. We'll also have our water filtration unit moved from this house to the new one and we'll probably plan to get lots of our utility stuff turned on this day. Hopefully the cable/phone folks can come by and help us with our computer & TV.
  • Friday-week - I'm going to be doing some volunteer work at the school. I need to remember to get a babysitter for the boys....

And speaking of school.....we've decided to let Rocky go to pre-k next year and then start him at the girls' school the following year for kindergarten. There is no doubt he is intellectually/scholastically ready for 1st or 2nd grade but we think a pre-k will do wonders for him in other areas of maturity. He's not thrilled about this but Henry and I are confident it is the right decision for him. With a June birthday, we'd rather him be the oldest in his classes than the youngest.

I guess that's enough for now. I will probably write my next entry from the NEW HOUSE! WHOO HOO :)