Friday, February 18, 2005

I'm back.

But I ain't in a new house yet. Hmph.

Got a call today that closing must be postponed until Monday.



Getting over it.

Indie and Rocky are at Uma & Arthur's for a couple of days. Ray and He-Man are home with us. I hope Ray enjoys her quality time that she is looking for. Hope she doesn't get mad at me for putting her to work.

Back to being grumbly -- there is so much we were going to do at the new house this weekend....grrr.

I'm wearing my glasses again. Did I ever post that I got some? They had one REALLY bad lens that needed a new Rx. At first I was told to just 'keep wearing the glasses and you'll get used to them.'

Nope. They needed a new piece of glass for the right eye. I got it swapped and VOILA...I can see so much better!

I REALLY, REALLY hope there are some folks living close by us that would like to be an accountability/walking partner for me. I really want to get back to walking and I know I won't do it by myself.

Pray for no rain on Monday morning so that Andy's new parents can come get him and so that my yard sale won't turn into a living room sale.

OK. Goodnight.

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