Saturday, November 13, 2004

The Cuddlers. Look at all 4 boys in my bed (Andy's there, too so look closely). I just give them a little nudge so I can squeeze in with them. The bed isn't this full EVERY night but I will say I have learned to not take up as much room as I used to. These days will be gone too soon so I will cherish them now. Night, night! Time to go see how many I need to nudge over tonight! Posted by Hello

Rocky gets his dancing moves from his Daddy! Posted by Hello

Indie and I took a self-portrait during the Bama/Miss St game last week. Sure wish our smiles were as big during a Bama game THIS week....sigh....Roll Tide anyway.... Posted by Hello


Since I've been sharing a few pictures of Andy lately, I thought I'd also post one of our sweet, 11.5 year old Lucy. She's still a cutie! And what a Good Dog she is :) Posted by Hello

Monday, November 01, 2004


So sleepy.

Very sleep-deprived.

And I've done it to myself.

I have too much to do and not enough time to do it. I need a personal assistant. Seriously, I do. In fact, if any of you would like to apply for the job let me know. I'm very seriously wanting to hire someone ASAP. I need someone who can run errands, answer phone calls, return phone calls, answer emails, light housekeeping....pretty much anything I need help with. Someone who could help me once a week would be great.

I need someone who won't judge me and who has the energy to keep up with this crazy family.

This month is entirely too crammed. Please help.

Dress-Up Day

We don't celebrate Halloween. However we have done "Fall Festivals" at church in the past. This year we celebrated "Dress-Up Day". Rocky dressed up like "Woody" from Toy Story (sorry I didn't attach the picture - it needs to be rotated and I didn't feel like uploading my picture-editing software). The girls were treated to a makeover at Libby Lu ( Aren't they gorgeous? He-Man didn't dress up today. He'll have his turn in years to come. Oh, and as an added bonus to today's festivities, I took the girls to see "Shark Tale". Ugh...even though it was a pretty entertaining movie, I thought it was DEFINITELY a Hollywood propoganda thing. (Accept the Shark as-is even though he chooses to do things sharks weren't created to do.) It's definitely not a G movie (rated PG I believe) even though there was nothing particularly foul about it. Just had subject matter (gambling, mafia) that was a little over my kids' heads. Some of it was kinda funny, though. Posted by Hello