Monday, November 01, 2004

Dress-Up Day

We don't celebrate Halloween. However we have done "Fall Festivals" at church in the past. This year we celebrated "Dress-Up Day". Rocky dressed up like "Woody" from Toy Story (sorry I didn't attach the picture - it needs to be rotated and I didn't feel like uploading my picture-editing software). The girls were treated to a makeover at Libby Lu ( Aren't they gorgeous? He-Man didn't dress up today. He'll have his turn in years to come. Oh, and as an added bonus to today's festivities, I took the girls to see "Shark Tale". Ugh...even though it was a pretty entertaining movie, I thought it was DEFINITELY a Hollywood propoganda thing. (Accept the Shark as-is even though he chooses to do things sharks weren't created to do.) It's definitely not a G movie (rated PG I believe) even though there was nothing particularly foul about it. Just had subject matter (gambling, mafia) that was a little over my kids' heads. Some of it was kinda funny, though. Posted by Hello


CFchampion said...

so cute!

glycogirl said...

Hey - I took my girls to see Shark Tale too. I liked Finding Nemo better. I love reading all your blogs - I sent the two sides of the coin to some of my contacts - I feel like commenting on all of your blogs and pictures, I feel the same way as you do about mothering! You are such an encouragment to me by being real and not pretending to be perfect! I would love to be your personal assistant - if I had the time. I'm not judgemental! If you have any Mannatech , Personal growth, or MLM emails - could you forward them all to me? I eat it all up - please put me on your mailing list! It's hard to find Mannatech enthuseists our age!

A Friend said...

Beautiful picture! Such pretty little girlies!

Kass said...

They are soooooo - how do you say it?? -
exctreemly cute (I don't think I spelt that one word right)...
um... I'm Chantelle's sister eh...
Ii thought so too! haha.... :)
right now I'm probly writing this well your on the Caribbean Cruise - RIGHT - ??
anyway G2G just thought that I would write this on your blog cause they're sooooo cute!!
oh and um... would you like to look at this blog : cause that is the blog that all of us 7 sisters can write a post on !!
- did you know that in our family there is 3 boy's and 7 girls?? -
and our mom home schooled us all (well David is 4 year's old ) - the youngest! -
well G2G


PS...look it up
`God Bless you`