Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Oh yes they call him the streak!!!!!! Posted by Hello

Ball season is upon us and with 3 playing this year, we are spending mucho hours at the ball fields. Hudson is enjoying wearing ball caps now that he sees all of his big brother and sisters wearing them. Posted by Hello

I'm sorry to brag but....goodness....I have gorgeous children :) Posted by Hello

Hudson is 2 now (sniff). He had a "planes, trains, and automobiles" party with family and a few close friends. It was fun! Posted by Hello

Our friend Luke at Hudson's birthday party. Posted by Hello


The girls have enjoyed the vanity in the master bathroom. Ray is attempting to straighten Indie's curly hair with a flat iron. It's not an easy task. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Leave It To Indie

Pitiful, isn't it? This is my first post in weeks even though there have been massive amounts of things I should be writing about. But, I guess maybe it's because things have been so gargantuan that I haven't had a chance to write.

We're all moved in. We're not all unpacked but we're all in. We're not completely furnished with the things we'd like to have and were without a couch or any seating places in the "great room" for about a week, but we survived and will continue to survive. Committment to cash-only purchases definitely requires us to practice the idea of delayed-gratification.

Anyway, as the title says, leave it to Indie to bring me back to blogging. She said the most hilarious thing at Wal-mart tonight and I just had to make note of it.

We were walking by the pajama/loungewear section and there was this terrible little t-shirt that had a picture of Pebbles from "The Flintstones" on it. She was crawling in her diaper and looking back over her shoulder so that her diaper was the most prominent thing in the picture. The caption read, "Baby Got Back." I saw it and kinda moaned over the ickiness to myself. Indie went right up to it and said, "Does this mean the baby went away and now the baby got back?"


I just said, "You're so funny, Indie, " and let it go with that.

Okey's late and I'm still pooped from MannaFest (Fort Worth with thousands of other Mannatechers including He-Man!!). I'm so glad to be home with Henry and the big kids. I missed them so much. I hope that one day we can ALL travel together ALL the time. I don't like being without them.