Friday, March 02, 2007

Not The Most Current But..

Still a cute picture I thought you'd like to see!

I have FINALLY uploaded and ordered prints of the digital pictures on our camera. It was nearly 300 pictures! Way overdue. I had to get it done because my memory card was full and I can't let many more days pass before I take pictures!

It's sad that during all of yesterday's uploading and now today's blogging, everything is hunky dorry here but on TV I see reminder after reminder of how VERY fortunate we are that yesterday's terrible weather barely even touched us. It's so weird watching the big CNN, Fox, and other national/international broadcasts of Enterprise, AL. So sad. We really need to pray for them.
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Anonymous said...

Looks just like your 2nd one!


Anonymous said...

Wow - in previous pictures, Jack really favored Donnie, but in this one, I see you!