Friday, March 16, 2007

Stalling My Bedtime

We're home after visiting with the Gardeners for a little while. Henry & Rocky are camping out (just one night) in the COLD and the rest of us are ready for them to be home. Even the dog knows they're not here. I am trying to make myself very tired before turning off all the lights because I don't want to lie awake for any length of time. Lying awake in a house without Henry makes my mind wander too much and I'd much rather just go to sleep the second my head hits the pillow.

Lucky You gets the benefit of my attempts to stall bedtime.

The house is a WRECK! It's so bad that if someone was in an auto accident, they could call their insurance agent and say, "I had a Stacy's house!"


I'm actually typing with two hands, tonight. Captain is sleeping soundly in the bed beside me and I'm staying up way too late with this laptop going through some email and, of course, blogging.

I'm not quite back to perfectly streamlined thought patterns so you'll have to continue muddling through random statements about the things going on 'round here for a little while.

You know I've mentioned the coolness of answered prayers numerous times before but let me just say it again. GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS! Remember that missing glove & helmet from a couple of days ago? Well, Henry and I (and probably the kids) prayed for the discovery of their location. We were hanging on to the hope that someone we knew picked them up from the ballfield and was going to get them back to us but after several days passed, we got discouraged. Well, we shouldn't have given up any hope because on Wednesday afternoon, before going to church, I got a call on my cell phone from a friend saying that a mutual friend had picked up Rocky's stuff and gotten it to her to give it to us! When we got to church that night, his helmet, glove, hat (that we didn't realize was missing) and Indie's shoes (that we thought were lost in a separate incident) were returned to us!! I can't tell you how good that felt. I know it might have been silly to be so upset about that equipment being gone but it was truly heart-wrenching. So we PRAISE GOD AGAIN for answering our prayers!!

OK, let's see...what else to blab about? Oh, the weight thing. Blech. I am at the stage where my belly is super-flabby and it just disgusts me. I was much happier with my body a couple of weeks ago when there was still some relative firmness (thanks to not completely-shrunken and re-positioned internal organs) but now that everything on the inside has toned up and squished back to its rightful place, the fat and skin are just reminders that I am SO much a Mom.

So, I have actually exercised two days. I've DVR'ed several episodes of "All-Star Workout" from FITv and have worked through MOST of it. Both exercise sessions were cut short because of a needy baby (I apparently have poor timing of when to start trying to exercise) but I think they were a good start.

I am trying to be more dilligent with my phytosterols to help me fight off the chocolate cravings but I've gotten slack on some days just from sheer busyness. I hope to keep going with the exercise thing but am aiming to start back with A3 when Captain gets about 4 or 5 months old. I'm waiting until that age because that's about when I remember all the other children became pretty predictable with a routine and became a little "easier" (for lack of a better term.) Since I believe with all my heart that A3 will be fine for me to take while nursing (doing own research and speaking with others who have looked into it as well) I'd still like to wait until that time so that I don't falsely accuse the supplement of any of Captain's frequent behavior changes. After the 4 or 5 month mark, I'll be better able to fairly judge how he reacts to me using it.

And I am very much looking forward to giving it another go. I had actually started the product for one month before I found out I was pregnant with Captain and REALLY liked it. So I'm trying to be patient with my body and remember that this fluffiness is just a sign that I have been blessed beyond measure and that if I can hang in there for a few more months, then maybe I can start to see myself fitting back into normal clothes.

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Amy said...

You will get back your pre-baby body in no time. Don't be so hard on yourself. You are supposed to look like you "just had a baby" because "you just had a baby" and if you looked like a movie star all other moms would attack you! I will second the fact you stated that "GOD ANSWERS PRAYER." A great workout for now in short bursts is Leisa Hart's Fit mama postnatal workout. It's great and fun. The segments are short and it even includes a baby and me workout. I used this after #2 and got into great shape until he was 4 months and then used harder things. Remeber that the Captain will pull alot of your fluffiness from you by breastfeeding. It's shocking how much they take and great!!!!