Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Non-Scheduled Schedule

Since I rarely use the word "scheduling" when talking about an infant, for fear of someone thinking I follow or promote Ezzo's teachings, I will say that today was a good day in the "things-working-out-in-a-predictable-sort-of-way" department.

Captain and I went to Sunday morning services for the first time since his birth. We made it pretty much on time and if we didn't have such a long hallway to walk down (where we got stopped by lots of oohs and ahhs of wanting to see this new little dude) we would have totally made it into the sanctuary on time. We had hoped to make it early enough for Henry to sing in the choir but I messed that up by not being happy with my first outfit at home.

It was the being up early and at a scheduled time that was a big goal for today. I needed to let Captain nurse and then had to get up and showered before Henry needed to get up and showered, so that he could stay in the bed and keep our 1-month-old cozy and asleep.

After getting mostly ready, and getting the older kids awake and taking care of themselves, I was able to get my hair dried before the Captain woke up and was ready to nurse again. If I fit into my nicer clothes a little better, and if I had some more clothing articles that allowed for discreet nursing, I would have been ready in time to get Henry out the door earlier but it was the lack of trying on my choices last night that caused the blip in our time. But I must give a shout-out to the girls for helping entertain and even finish dressing Captain while Henry and I finished with our primping.

At church, Captain stayed quiet and dozed off and on during the whole service. He didn't even make one of those terribly embarrassing poop sounds! And he looked so cute the whole time, too! He was wearing a darling little cashmere jumper and would smile at me whenever he opened his eyes to see where he was...I wish I could have taken his picture!

In Sunday School (or as the current trend is turning, "Small Group") he was getting a little cranky so I nursed him. I was so pleased that no one (especially the teacher) seemed to think a thing about it. Of course, the seating arrangement was such that it's possible no one even knew I was nursing him but I think most did.

So he did GREAT on his first day at Sunday church (he's been on Wednesdays a couple of times so far.) If he seems to stick with this "routine" (ick word) it won't be long before I will be able to let the nursery keep him during Sunday School. I will give it a few more weeks to work him (and me) into it, though.

After church we went to the Trippes for lunch and visiting with some of the Trippe family that came in from out of town. I'll try to post pictures tomorrow.

Since Mama Gardener emailed me some pictures from yesterday's visit at her house, I will post some of those today. The fishing pictures are from a morning trip down to the neighborhood pond where Leland has been wanting to go fishing with Papa Gardener for a while. All of the kids caught 2 fish (except for Rocky who was still camping with Henry at the time) and He-Man was the winner of "biggest fish."

Here are some cute pictures of Captain and his admirers from yesterday, too.

Below are a couple of Leland:

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Anonymous said...

I am amazed at how you can get it all together. I'm late most of the time with just one little one.