Saturday, March 24, 2007

He-Man & The Cow

He-Man's turning four on Tuesday. I just can't believe it!

After waiting until nearly the last-minute to get plans firmed (because we had to wait for ball-practice schedules to be given out) we finally arranged for a little party at our favorite stop, Chick-Fil-A. Since we have tons of built-in friends in the shape of brothers, sisters, and cousins, we told He-Man he could invite 4 non-blood-relative friends to the party (we said 4 because he's 4, ya know?)(pic=He-Man w/Feff)

Anyway, it was a packed house but lots of fun. It was so nice having everything NOT at home :) Don't get me wrong, I really would like to be hospitable but with ball-season gearing up and of course with this Captain of ours, it was really nice to just feed folks where food is already prepared.

(pic=Brosnan & Ray)He-Man was so darling about all of his family, friends, and gifts. I was so happy for him today. And of course he makes us so happy EVERY day.

Cute sidenote about my PaPaul (not to be confused with Pa Gardener whom Uma renamed PaPa-Razzi today! LOL) - I don't think my PaPaul knew that I was TRYING to be stylish by having my tshirts layered. You know, the look where the under shirt is seen just below the top shirt? Well, my sweet grandfather told me I needed to pull my shirt down and I'm guessing he was thinking I didn't mean to show the undershirt?? Anyway, I found it very sweet. Of course, he might have just thought I was letting myself go with these post-baby-hormone-sweats and flabby mid-section. Or he might just think all of these kids have made me a little cuckoo! I can't imagine what would make him think that, though!

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Jen said...

Looks like fun! Happy birthday HEMAN! I like the pic of you with the knife!