Monday, March 12, 2007

Fixing The Blog

It has come to my attention that lots of new people have started reading my blog. Most are friends but some are strangers (thanks to cool blog rolls and links from others and such.) Maybe it's the hormones of having another baby but something has kinda creeped me out (again) about having all the kids' names on here. So, even though it will be a long process and will not accomplish the goal for quite some time, I am working on editing all previous posts so that all names used in this blog are code names. I've only changed the names in the most recent 25 posts but I hope to keep working on it until eventually, every post uses these new names.

I would like to request anyone who posts comments to my blog also try to use the code names instead of real names. It is probable that I won't publish any comments that use real names (other than my own.)

There is a reason behind every code name but I won't be getting into that here. Some are easy to figure out but others might baffle you :)


Anonymous said...

I think the code names are a good idea. Dany works in network security in his current job and has asked that I not even blog because it is so easy for people to put "things" together and use them for ill purposes or actions. What a beautiful baby!

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl,

I just wanted you to know that I am one of the new people reading your blog and I totally agree with the code name idea. I plan to change a few things on the myspace page I have. I hope you don't mind me reading yours, I really enjoy it.