Monday, February 27, 2006

Taylor Hicks - Good News :)

A guy on Tider Insider had this to say...

"Taylor isn't a barner. Sat with me at the USM game and cheered the Tide on all game (at least until he had to leave to go set up at the Booth). I think he did a semester at Union College or whatever it's called (Auburn's version of Shelton) when he lived down there with a bunch of guys from Hoover, but he's no Auburn fan."


CFchampion said...

I love Taylor! all my faves got on too and so fare they're all there. isn't it weird, I'm a Canadian and I LOVE AI!!!! LOL.

I'm going to MannaFest!!!!!!!!!!!!! just wanted to let you know.


if you have any prospects w/ CF you can send them to my CF website, it has my testimonial on there and stuff

A Friend said...

Thank GOD he's not a barner. That would make him go to hell. ;)

Stacy said...

Well, hell is much too serious to joke about ANYONE (and of course we all know Salvation from hell is only through Jesus)

HOWEVER, Taylor being a barner would make it much less fun to root for him because I'd always fear a big W.E. might come flying out of his mouth on national television. There'd be nothing sicker :-D

A Friend said...