Thursday, February 23, 2006

My Problem

I'm sitting here blogging when I have WAY too many other things to do. In fact, I'm talking with Donnie about how he could help me tomorrow because I have SO many things to get done in the morning. So WHY AM I BLOGGING?

Because I am avoiding the important stuff. There is just so much that I would rather sit here and write instead of face that reality.

So, let's talk about American Idol. I'm pretty happy about it. A little surprised at the way it turned out (thought Becky would make it one more week) but I didn't lose any of my faves.

OK, I REALLY AM wasting time here. Why don't I jot down my to-do list for tomorrow since that actually would be a productive thing to do.

Does everyone else make as many lists as I do? I make these EVERY NIGHT!

And yes, some of the 'to-dos' are obvious things that I wouldn't forget but having them on the list helps me know that I will get at least SOME of my list crossed off.

--Wake up early
--Make David's lunch
--Pack bags (don't forget cell phone charger, Aunt C's phone number, camera)
--Call A early in day
--Place last minute orders for BP (call W)
--Put bday gifts in car (wrap bday gifts)
--Put girls' bags in car

That doesn't seem like everything. Maybe it's because I have so many other things to do that can't make it on my list for tomorrow. Things like:
--Kids' Carousel (take-in starts this weekend and I'm not even CLOSE to ready and will be out of town so won't be able to work on it until Saturday evening)
--Roger C has requested his website be updated
--I have a meeting with a doctor on Monday about a patient with cancer who wants to use glyconutrients instead of chemo/radiation. I've been asked to consult (yikes! very serious situation that I am taking very seriously. Much information to gather...MUCH praying for wisdom)

All these things looming in my head make my to-do list feel incomplete. I just have no way of doing them by tomorrow so they will have to wait until I get home Saturday evening.

Tomorrow after B's birthday party, Shayne and I will be going to a Manna training weekend in Dothan. We'll be staying with Aunt C, so that will be very nice.

Gotta go now. Seriously, enough is enough.

LORD, make me mindful...
Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.
Galatians 6:9 NLT


donna said...

Hi Stacy, this is my first time commenting on your site, woo hoo!
I wanted to put in my 2cents worth about AI, my faves are Ace and Katherine.

Rachel said...

I make those lists with stuff I know I can cross off, too. It makes you feel better about your day to have "accomplished" something.

I still really like Paris on AI. She's just a natural. Josh and I say somebody should just go ahead and pull her out of the competition and give her a recording contract.

It is such a mixed blessing to be presented with a task like you have (the lady with cancer). The pressure will be difficult, but remember that when you are doing good for someone, God is right there helping you along. Opportunities like these don't come along too often, and He won't present you with anything you can't handle with His help. Hang in there.