Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Are My Issues THAT Obvious?

Here's two of the M A N Y signs the children posted around the house for my birthday yesterday. Makes me think I might not be doing a very good job in the "prevent the children from knowing my own self-esteem issues"....although I might be doing an OK job in the "how to encourage someone" department.

Sign one (direct quotes):
Oh, Hi Mom. I just wanted to tell you HAPPY Birthday! It's the best one! Because you'll be 20!!!!!!! With Wots and Wots of Wove! That's BABY talk! With Lots and Lots of LOVE! Love ya! Harris

Sign two:
I know how old you are going to be. You'll be 13. You look 13 because you are SO SKINNY! Jesus loves you VERY MUCH and I love you and NOTHING can stop me!! I love you! H.A.W.

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A Friend said...

Happy belated bday!