Wednesday, February 22, 2006

American Idol Is So Much Fun!

We thoroughly enjoyed tonight's show, probably even more so than last night. Not sure what the difference was except that maybe the guys were just having more fun. The girls (as a whole) seemed a little more tense and stuffy or something.

I picked 6 guys for which I will be rooting:
Will - SO cute
Chris - He should have done the INXS competition but I'll support him on AI.
Kevin - He won't make it all the way but I'm going to pull for him to go into the top 6.
Elliott - So happy for this guy. I REALLY love his voice.
Ace - again, Hubba Hubba. LOVED his song tonight. Excellent.
Taylor - REALLY impressed. I'm proud of him for toning down the Stevie Wonder/Joe Cocker dance routine. I think that will annoy people if it's done too much. I was already getting a little annoyed with it since he did it during conversations. But after tonight's "Levon" I have decided that I REALLY like him. He's got the coolest voice. I'm very excited that AL will have another STAR and not an embarrassment. I just wish he wasn't an Awb :)

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