Saturday, January 22, 2005

Well...we did it!!! We bought the house I posted here earlier in the week! We got an offer on our house the same day we found this one. And would you believe BOTH of those events occurred on that Monday that I skipped going to Birmingham???? I'm thinking that was TOTALLY a God thing....Anyway, these pictures are ones that the owners/realtor posted to market their house. This is one from the kitchen. We are getting that refrigerator (whoo hoo!). The door beside it goes to the utility/laundry room (which also leads to the driveway.) The doorway you can barely see to the right leads to a 'bonus room' that could eventually be used as a 5th bedroom someday. We will probably use it as a office/guest room. It has a half-bath attached as well as a door to the driveway. There is also an enormous closet attached to it. It was being used as a sewing room by these owners and could potentially be a small office space. I had originally thought I might go that route but I'm leaning towards making it a mini junkroom. By the way, WE LOVE THIS HOUSE and give God every ounce of GLORY He deserves because this house could NOT be possible without HIS outpouring of blessings on our family. PRAISE GOD! Posted by Hello


A Friend said...

Congratulations! I know you are happy! Will Shayne still go to her regular private school? Or will y'all try something different out next year?

glycogirl said...

I'm so happy for you Stacy!!!!!!!!
The new house looks dreamy! :)
My sisters Helene and Rebecca are going to MannaFest this year, and my Dad and brother Jonathan - have you seen Jonathan's updated site or his blog?
Rebecca will be giving her testemony at MannaFest!