Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dropping In For Just A Minute

I do not do well without the Internet guys. It misses me and I miss it. And it's cool to see that some of y'all miss me ON the Internet. Very sweet. Thank you!

We are doing well. Still waiting for the house to sell/show again. Still having a super-busy summer. Still enjoying ball season's end (did anyone else see Indie's team pic in the paper last week? HILARIOUS, huh?) Still counting down to Disney World in the distant future and the beach and Six Flags in the coming weeks. Still enjoying the freedom of self-scheduled summers in between homeschool years. Still reading the awesomeness that is the (slow but fascinating) book Heaven.

I wish I had something exciting to write about but all deep topics are too tough to wrestle right now. I just wanted you to know we were still kicking!


Optimus Primate said...

Ooo, hey, remind me again when you guys are going to WDW? We may be there at the same time!

Anonymous said...

I miss your posts.

Kimmie in AR

Crystal said...

Missing you, Stacy. Hope everything is o.k. Praying for good things to happen today. ((hugs))