Monday, May 22, 2006

And Since The Topic Has Been Raised

Food for thought:

"Can Christians Use Birth Control?" - A commentary by Albert Mohler.


J.D. said...

LOL, just throw out the hot button issues why don't you?

Seriously, though, the mixture of deep topics with fluff like American Idol is what makes your blog a good one. Keep up the good work.

Now, for my never-humble opinion :P

I read Mr. Mohler's work, and I'm still not sure where HE stands on the issue.

I do agree that PART of the function of sex is most definitely procreation, but I also side with those who believe it is something to be cherished between a loving (married) couple as a form of pleasure and delight in each other. To me, sex is a way to commune with your lover and to give them a part of yourself that can't be given to another. Most healthy marriages engage in this frequently, and I suspect that in very few instances is the sex intended to produce children.

Should couples be open to the possibility of conception? Sure. And I do agree that anything that kills the fertilized egg is abortion. But I do think that the birth control pill is a good option for the couple that doesn't want (can't take care of/afford??) a child at the moment, yet who would still like to enjoy the natural bonding of a husband and wife.

I believe much of it to be a personal decision, and as such, I doubt it delves into the realm of Christianity, so long as the man and woman are keeping it within the holy bonds of matrimony.

Okay, done preaching. :)

Lisa said...

JD - the thing about you is that I *never* know where you stand on things!!!! LOL :) Well said.

Stacy said...

The cool thing about the 'pleasure only' part of it, JD is that there is REALLY only one day in a cycle that a couple can GET pregnant. Therefore, God gives us somewhere between 26-30 days (give or take) to enjoy "it" without new life being created. Learning that God-designed process is a way of acknowledging Him in all ways (Proverbs 3:5-6) and I believe is an honoring way. Since life cannot be created without God's breath anyway, what makes us think we really have that much say in the decision-making? We might THINK we do but really...we don't. And I believe that anyone who desperately does NOT want to have children and who makes large strides to avoid it could possibly be tetering on the edge of danger because of the abortifacient qualities of so many of the 'fer-sure' methods of contraception.

Believe me, I do NOT expect everyone to "get this." This is something God brings to the heart of some people and to those people, it is a very big deal. It's interesting the people who are kinda in this 'camp' because everyone has a slightly different view of it all but soooo many of the paths that lead people to these beliefs are very similar. It's interesting.

Again, that was just "food for thought" -- nothing else :) but I will definitely disagree with you JD, about the "not delving into the realm of Christianity" thing -- as Christians EVERYTHING we do should delve into Christianity. In ALL OUR WAYS we are to acknowledge Him.

J.D. said...

I am going to go look up "abortifacient" and then I will argue with you later :P

Stacy said...

Yes, please look it up, JD :) It's an important word.

Be sure to read "Pill Info - Randy Alcorn" from the link in my sidebar, if you haven't already.