Monday, May 22, 2006

Another Sign That People Prefer Their Own Plans To God's

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Rachel said...

Hey Stacey! I'm back to blogging again; had some computer problems for a while besides just plain not-posting-laziness before that. Got the computer fixed now.

I'm curious to know what you think about all this- all I'm going on is a post title and a link. Pregnancy and nursing have kept Aunt Flo away for a long time and will for a while, too. But when the time comes I have wondered about these pills. What is it that bothers you about them?

A Friend said...

Chris said that this picture turns him on. In fact, he has set it to our computer desktop background. Sigh.

J.D. said...

Male perspective alert: I can't for the life of me figure out what would be wrong with giving up the agony of the monthly cycle.

Stacy said...

H E Y Rachel! There you are :) I've been wondering about you!

Without even going into the scientific part of it (because I only know a little bit and don't want to come off like I know everything) my bottom line reason for being bothered by it is that stopping cycles chemically or surgically is like saying, " messed up on this design of yours. It's really a big pain and I don't want to do it any more. Therefore, I'm going to change your idea to something that suits me better. Thanks for nothing."

I know that's a little melodramatic but if I'm going to be brutally honest, THAT is the real reason it bothers me so.

Let's think about it this way, too. Pooping is a nuisance as well. It takes valuable time out of my day (EVERY DAY) and isn't really all that pleasant. Maybe I should just take a drug or have a surgery that would prevent me from doing it any more.

I think it'd be easy to say, "That'd be stupid. What would happen with all the waste?? That can't be good for you! You are SUPPOSED to poop! Surely that would kill you!"

Even though stopping a period doesn't seem as obvious, I can assure you that chemically imbalancing your hormones is dangerous. That's not to even MENTION the chemical side effects of it all.

Environmentalists would be all over this if this were something outside the body and a part of Earth's "Mother Nature". Just as everything is in balance in the world, we have a balance that CAN be achieved within the body. Altering hormones like this causes MAJOR imbalances. Hormone imbalances can lead to all sorts problems - auto-immune diseases, weight problems, obviously hormone related problems (sex drive, pains, moisture, other lovely things) and definitely cancer.

NATURAL means of holding back a period (pregnancy and breastfeeding) can keep hormones in balance because those hormones are STILL THERE in certain levels. They are just responsible for different things (another sign of how WONDROUSLY created we are as women!) The body is sooooo smart and I believe believe we are "rewarded" in a sense to experience this break during pregnancy and breastfeeding. I have to tell you I definitely did NOT miss my period but getting it back is what is designed.

I also wonder if these same women who are 22 years old and stopping their periods are going to balk when they can't get pregnant down the road.

I just find all of it is disrespectful to our Creator. I know more people disagree with me than agree with me but if I err, I believe I am erring on the side of respect.

Jen -- are you kidding!? LOL! Maybe your man really DOES want another baby, huh??! Too funny!

JD - agony, huh? Pfft. I'm going to let my answer above be my reply to you as well :)

Chris C said...

"Pooping is a nuisance as well. It takes valuable time out of my day (EVERY DAY) and isn't really all that pleasant."

I have to disagree. If I didn't take the time to poop everyday, I would miss it. Pooping is ok with me, especially if you have good reading material. : )

I always think to myself, "man that was a pretty good slam."

Stacy said...

Chris C comments on my page!? Yeah, baby. I must be moving up in the world.

Shoulda known it'd be poop that brings him around :) LOL

Chris, I actually didn't want to appear too much weirder than I already do but I have to agree with you on this (mark this date -- we're agreeing!)

A poop is very liberating. Nothing better than clearing out the toxins! And as George Carlin says, "Why do we call it taking a crap (although he probably did not say 'crap') when we're actually LEAVING one?"

But you know...I was just trying to make a point :)

J.D. said...

I have to agree with Chris. Taking the Browns to the Super Bowl every day is not such a bad thing. I do my best thinking when I'm backing the brown caddy out of the garage. Plus I have a subscription to three magazines, so what better time to catch up than when I'm firing the rear thrusters?

Rachel said...

So how do you feel about birth control pills in general?

Stacy said...

I was convicted about our use of bcp several years ago. We were on the pill from wedding until 3 months before conceiving Shayne. We were on the pill after weaning Shayne until we were ready to plan our own childbearing destiny again. During that time the ethical issues of the BCP kept coming into our lives in the strangest places. In my blog sidebar, you will see a link to the main bit of info that finally changed the minds of me and Donnie. It's alphabetically listed as "Pill Info - Randy Alcorn" I highly encourage everyone read it for their own information.

Since that time several years ago, our "reasons" for pursuing our own adaption of "Natural Family Planning" has expanded to reach a broader scope, but just the BCP info alone was enough to get us seriously thinking about God's design.

I hope this is encouraging in some way.

A Friend said...

I don't take bcp (haven't since the 90s) because they make me (high voice) CRA------------ZY!

Well, crazier than I normally am.