Wednesday, May 17, 2006

33% x 3 - WOW

I've never seen Taylor as close to puking as he was when he saw the percentages. I'm REALLY glad he saw them. And I'm REALLY glad Elliot saw them. Poor dude. I'm SO proud of him! And man....doesn't he look better now than he did at the beginning?? Thumbs up to the stylists. Hair is definitely an important thing for the El-Train.

Again, I'm glad Taylor saw the percentages. I think it knocked him back down to earth a little bit and will force him to work his hiney off for next week. I think we'll see him REALLY shine.

Ain't no way Kat is gonna win this thang.

Alabama's Soul Patrol certainly showed up for Taylor, didn't they? A big "whooo!" to the girls who are in the picture on my blog (with my kids) -- they got a massive close-up during the hometown footage. YAY FOR CAROLINE AND MADELYN! I bet they flipped their lids when they saw themselves! Very cool. :)



J.D. said...

Down with McPhart!

Lisa said...

:( :( :( Still crying for Elliott. What a class act.

I looked for you in the crowd, Stacy!!! Yay for your friends being on TV! :)

I was shocked that Taylor's lead was so small too....and I can't figure out who's voting for Katharine, she just seems like such a McPhakey brat. Gah! Did you see the video where she talks about "buying her boobs"? Ugh.

Go Taylor next week!!!!