Monday, May 15, 2006

Lame Is The Name Of The Game

I don't think I can bear to watch CSI Miami next year. I might not even watch it next week. I'm very tired of Horatio and the melodrama. Good grief. Lame-o.

Here are pictures from Taylor Hicks' fan-devous in Alabama on Friday. I know. I'm lame. Look for us on tomorrow night's show. It's always possible we might end up in the crowd footage when they show each of the Idols as they all return to their hometowns. I wore a red t-shirt.

Taylor cheers for himself along with Alabama's First Lady, Patsy Riley.

We found some of Shayne's school friends had come to see Taylor, too! They made signs and EVERYTHING!

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Even though I'm not necessarily pulling for Elliot to win the big AI contest next week, I have to admit I'm happy that I wasn't shown on our local news coverage answering the question, "Who is going to be the next American Idol??" Yes, I screamed along with the crowd, "Taylor Hicks!!" I didn't think it would be proper to say, "Well....according to online chit chat, Elliot is going to walk away a winner!"

I'll truly be fine with it being either of the two guys. Just PLEASE DON'T LET IT BE KATHARINE! Go Kat Go...go home!

If Taylor wins, that's another cool notch in the Alabama talent belt. If Elliot wins, I don't think it could have gone to a nicer guy :)

Shall I cut the lameness here by sharing David's Kindergarten fill-in-the-blank story about his Mom? Yeah, I thought that'd be a good idea, too.

My Very Special Mother!

My mother is the most wonderful mother in the world! She is as pretty as a flower. Her favorite color is black. She weighs more than 60 pounds and is 6 feet tall. She has lovely brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. She loves to eat chicken all the time! I think my mother is funny when she tickles me. My mother is sweeter than my sister. My favorite thing my mother does with me is play games. I wouldn't trade my mother for anything in the world!

I Love You!
Happy Mother's Day


Lisa said...

LOVE the mothers day story! :)

And I must be the queen of lame, because I've been all AI all the time these days. :) Go Elliott!! And I agree, anyone but Kat will make me happy. Not. Another. Carrie. Clone.

A Friend said...

Why are you guys so anti Kat????? Me confused.

Stacy said...

I got sick of Kat several weeks back -- months maybe -- when she started bombing some of her songs. She has an EXCELLENT voice when she's 'on' but when she's off, it's really bad. Mainly, I'm ticked that she made it past Chris.

Plus, I think she's kinda floozy-ish. She likes her boobs too much and wants everyone else to like them, too.

I sound jealous, don't I? :)

Lisa said...

I'm just sick of girl idols myself. Like I said - not another carrie. Plus, Kat just seems like a brat to me. You know, because I know her so well from tv. ;)