Saturday, September 17, 2005

Long, Long Day

Woke up 7 AM.
Whipped up, from scratch mind you, breakfast casserole.
Showered & got ready for day.
Drove into M and saw 2 baby deer, a turtle, and an almost-squished-squirrel on my way (how can people who have the ability to safely avoid a squirrel not try to do so?).
Worked at children's clothing consignment sale from 9-5.
Talked with Donnie & parents and in-laws and children via cell phone throughout day.
Rushed to get girls from their separate locations (1 at Ws and 1 at Gs).
Supper? What supper?
Rushed to Mbk to see my favorite....see was a concert to raise money for Hurricane Relief but it was certainly more of a worship service than anything else.
Came home to see that Hudson was still in big boy undies! YAY!
Returned home at approximately 9PM, threw this onto the blog, and am now preparing to crash.


A Friend said...

Why didn't you tell me he was in town? :(

~CRYSTAL~ said...

Is that Ronnie Freeman? Oh my! I know him...He was the minister of music at my old church for awhile. I lead worship with him. He is so incredibly awesome! I miss him SO much & I haven't seen him in awhile. He also sang at my brothers wedding. :)

I actually came on here to tell you about my best friend, she has a 5 yr. old son that has a brain tumor & back in August he had a bad spell & was put into the hospital for about a week. They put him on Mannatech after that. She says that stuff has done alot for him. He has much more energy & I believe that it has also helped with his blood count. How amazing! I had never heard of Mannatech until I began to read your blog, then she told me about him taking it, I thought that was pretty cool.