Thursday, September 15, 2005

Great Ending To A...

crappy start of a day.

I burned an hour of time and way too much gas (most of that burned time was spent driving) first thing this morning. Ugh. I don't even want to talk about it.

Tons of little things ended up stressing me out a good bit in the early part of my day so I just wanted to chill by afternoon time. I didn't get on the computer much and took only a couple of phone calls so, unfortunately, things began to pile up.

Donnie took off work early to cut the grass so I was stalled in dinner-planning (I'm so not the Martha Stewart of planning dinner. It's usually a last minute throw-together thing unfortunately.) Shayne stressed me out and got on a restriction of not being able to watch Survivor with us tonight (BIG punishment!)

Things started turning around when I found out that Shayne's terrible attitude today was spurred on by an incident with a friend at school. Said Friend's mother called me tonight to say that Shayne left a very mature phone message on their machine at home wanting to mend things between her and her friend. Many tears and conversations later, I was very impressed with Shayne and her tender heart towards her friends. Turns out that Shayne made her friend mad by befriending a new girl at school. This made the other girl jealous. This deeply hurt Shayne because she would never intentionally leave any one out of the loop. Shayne struggled with how to be friends with more than 1 girl and not hurt the other girls' feelings.

In 4th grade, that's a tough thing to do.

I really was so proud of Shayne and felt bad for worrying that she might have actually had some part in this little dispute (I mean come on, I see the way she treats her sister on a daily basis!) I truly believe Shayne was as kind as she could be and took all the right steps to help mend this relationship.

I really must remain diligent about praying for this sweet daughter of mine. I remember how crazy relationships can be at this age.

Shayne was allowed to watch Survivor after all :)

And our quickly-decided upon Nachos supper (ground turkey with burrito seasoning, salsa, corn, sour cream and corn tortilla chips) was a big hit.

And Survivor was fun! I LOVE SURVIVOR! I'm sure rooting for Bobby Jon...don't know if he'll make it, though.

Oh yeah...and I can conclude with saying that my upturned spirits motivated me to clean out my crazy inbox. I went from 11 pages of mail down to 1!!!! Yes, only 1 page that needs my attention! WHOO HOO :)

And finally, have you ever met our wonderful little gerbils? These noctural creatures are lots of fun and company to me as I work at night. They are incredibly social with me and each other and I really like them (even though they can make TONS of noise while they scurry about their cage in the wee hours of the evening.)


Jodiebug said...

Stacy..what an awesome mom you are. Sarah Austin is only in 1st grade and boy the things us moms have to think through and handle correctly. Just the other day I was haveing to explain to her that I know it sounded like a compliment when George told her he thought she was hot, but there were better things he could have said. I still can't believe at six yrs old my daughter I'm having to explain comments like that. Anyeay, I just wanted to let you know I appreciate your methods. We can't see enough examples of Christian moms and how they handle day to day child rearing. ;)

Stacy said...

Goodness, girl...

Thanks for the compliments but 'awesome' is a wee bit strong :)

Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous but at 6....HOT!? Oh my...

Honestly, though...that's just where we are in this world. I struggle with it already with my girls and know there is MUCH to be dealt with in the future.

Hopefully I won't fail so miserably that I'll be too embarrassed to post it all here! Otherwise, maybe we can all share our journeys together :)