Monday, September 05, 2005

Calling All Josephs

Anybody out there who can interpret dreams? Sure, it'd be awesome if you were gifted with Prophecy from God but I'd still like to hear from those amateurs who just read a book somewhere...

Recurrent locations of my some dreams:
my childhood home but from a higher altitude (almost as if I am seeing it while flying flat near the ceiling)
a scary, pathetic, nobody-having-fun water park/amusement park
my elementary school
Elevators that don't stay to an up/down pattern (they can travel in all directions like Bugs Bunny's) -- Dreams here are ALWAYS scary or at least anxious (i.e. -- not being able to find the correct floor)

Recurrent 'characters':
Snakes -- specifically black and red/black ones
Family Members, Best friends or boyfriends whom I've never seen in my life

Recurrent themes:
Flying (usually a good dream)
Little creatures dying (gerbils, bunnies)
Being stuck in places/areas when I need to be somewhere else in an emergency situation

Quick synopsis of recent dream:
At the scary waterpark, after walking the water slide (it's terrible) I go to the gift shop to pick up our gerbils (I think i dropped them off there while I went to the park). I decided to carry one of our gerbils in my hands and left the other in the cage. I called the gerbil by the wrong name (kinda like I do my own kids -- even though I know the difference). When I put her back in her cage, a snake had been hiding and tried strangling her. I saved her but when I put her in the next cage, another snake killed her. I started noticing snakes were everywhere in the gift shop. I tried to warn everyone else about their danger but no one else was afraid of them and began picking them up and playing with them. I started freaking about that and saying I'd never stay in such a crazy place. Instead, I would go to Donnie's cousin's apartment (a cousin he doesn't have and that I've never seen before -- yet he was right there) but we couldn't get out of the hotel because the elevators wouldn't work.

How's that for a combo of recurrent situations? I think it was the anxiety of the week (I dreamed this last week) that brought much of it to surface.

Looking forward to comments!

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Willena said...

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