Saturday, September 24, 2005

Field Day

Yesterday was Olympic Field Day at the girls' school. Thankfully the girls were on the same team because the "Spartans" were as last place as you could be. They both needed to experience instead of just one of them.

I wish I could say that they had fun anyway but the truth is that the losing started so early in the day that the whole team kinda gave up and just had a so-so attempt (and they didn't win the Sportsmanship Award because of it!) Also, both my girls had some pretty big knee-scrape injuries about halfway through the events. I'm keeping a Mannatech blog where I'm posting pictures of the healing process of Shayne's knee but didn't want to post them here. I'm also not linking the two blogs because I don't want creepos who think my kids are cute to be able to find me through my business contact information that is on the other site. If you're curious about seeing the daily progression of pictures, let me know and I can post them here. They are kinda gross so I wasn't sure if everyone wanted to watch them or not.

I will, however, post pictures from other parts of Olympic Field Day.

HA and Ash in the 3-legged race

HA during the relay race

Shayne's 50 yard dash

HA's 50 yard dash

Hudson 50 yard dash (he thought he should be able to compete in each event and he was able to win over most of the field judges enough to let him try each one when the big kids were done. The most adorable to watch was the egg race (on a spoon! HILARIOUS!) but I didn't have my camera ready :( )

Shayne's Tug of War

HA Tug of War

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